Our Favorite Entries in the BETA Design Challenge!

In her world, being human would be a fatal error. 

Have you entered the BETA Design Challenge yet? Well you’ve some of time—the contest runs until Monday, November 26. Are you curious about the tough competition? Check out a few of our favorite entries below.

Inspired? Think you can do better? Well what are you waiting for? Get designing already!

One grand-prize winner will receive a copy of Beta professionally printed with their cover design. It’s an awesome prize you can show off to your friends for like the next 15 years. 


One thought on “Our Favorite Entries in the BETA Design Challenge!

  1. Mine entry is the one in the top right. 🙂 I used a photo of the hollyhocks we have in our yard, my face, and island (that was actally in Wisconsin, not the ocean)and some leaves.

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