Vampire Diaries Recap: The Five

I thought this week’s episode was going to be super hot! College Frat Party! Biting! Damon and Elena dancing! It ended up being more of a season-arc-forming type of episode (I mean, I assume). However, we were treated to some pretty amazing acting from Rebekah and an explanation of “The Five,” which is also the title of the episode.

But I get ahead of myself. This week in the much-less-dramatic plot line, Damon, Elena, and Bonnie go visit Whitmore College. Damon wants to teach Elena the old “Snatch, Eat, Erase” method. Stefan can’t teach her this, you see, because he might turn back into a Ripper. If you don’t understand this conflict yet don’t worry you’ll probably hear it a lot over the season.

In Professor Shane’s class, the professor who took over for Grams (R.I.P.), Damon teaches Elena who is the best to eat (not nerdy girls) and it gives me the creeps. It’s like he is one of those super lame pick-up artists teaching his student the art of “the neg” (if you don’t know what that is, that’s really best). Professor Shane is teaching about witches (remember that!).

After class, Elena tries to go up to the pretty blonde student to get a delicious midday snack, but stops when she sees a picture of the woman’s younger sister on her phone. Damon has to go to Plan B and take Bonnie and Elena to a frat party.

This frat party is a Murder House. I’m willing to let the convenience of this pass, because I am fully convinced that all of the writers knew how easy this theme was and also it sets up some great scenes of Elena and Damon covered in blood and not needing to explain themselves.

Elena bites a frat guy who she sees roofie a drink. However, I rewatched this scene a few times and it doesn’t seem like she does anything to stop the girl from drinking. You couldn’t have just given it a little bump, Elena?  Damon helps Elena not go too far in biting the frat guy (no death). Elena leans into Damon and says, “I want more.” At this point I wrote down “IT IS ON!” in my notes. But it wasn’t nearly as on as I would have liked.

Later at the party Elena is dancing and having fun. She’s biting, but in control. She dances with Damon and you hear “I feel so close to you right now” pumping (“Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris). Basically, it’s romantic and dangerous and a little sexy in the way that you think college parties will be when you are in high school (and then you get to college and parties are just a bunch of girls chasing Poland Spring vodka with water. Well, maybe that’s just NYU). Anyway, it seems fairly harmless while also being maybe a little too intimate until Bonnie comes back to break up the love fest.

Where does Bonnie come back from you ask? Why, Professor Shane’s office (he was weirdly at the party? Um, what?) of course. Professor Shane gives Bonnie some of Grams’ old papers. He asks Bonnie if she’s a practicing witch and she says she doesn’t do magic anymore. He tells her there are other ways to practice magic. He also has this poster on the wall that looks a lot like one of The Five’s tattoos.

That moves us to our other big story this episode which is Klaus explaining the importance of “The Five.” Apparently in the 1100s, Klaus and his family encountered The Five, a group of highly skilled vampire hunters. These guys have the ultimate weapon against vampires: the cure. Yes, my friends, there is hope for Elena after all.

In flashbacks, Klaus and Rebekah (who only agrees to meet with Klaus so that she can have a blank slate with Stefan) tell the story of their original encounter with The Five. Rebekah fell in love with Hunter Alexander, a dashing lad obviously not long for this world. Alexander tells Rebekah, in bed, that the tattoos on his body are a map and that his sword unlocks the key to translating the map. He also asks Rebekah to come with him and his brothers. But as they are kissing he stabs her with a dagger. Klaus and his brothers get attacked too, but the daggers don’t affect Klaus. He kills Alexander and yells at Rebekah for trusting him.  In the present day, Rebekah leaves Klaus and Stefan.

Rebekah doesn’t want to help Klaus. However, Stefan wants the cure for Elena so badly that he is forced to conspire with Klaus. He sends Rebekah a message and when she comes to see him they have a heart-to-heart. Stefan has an adorable moment when he talks about how he would not want to be a vampire (even if it means eternity), if it meant that he could grow old and be buried with Elena. This scene didn’t feel overdramatic, and yet I was nervous the whole time and felt like something heavy was coming. What I didn’t see coming was that Stefan’s buried line would reveal that Rebekah had buried her love at the church she had planned to marry him in. And I certainly didn’t guess that that now meant that Stefan and Klaus knew where the sword was. I finally didn’t realize that now Klaus had to kill Rebekah (see, I act all superior about being able to guess plots and then they get me).

Klaus and Rebekah do some terrific acting in this scene. She shows how angry and hurt she has been by him their entire long existence. He shows he might have more love for her than he can let on. When he did stab her, I’m sure we all gasped together (bonded forever, ladies!)

I’m not going to lie, I don’t understand all the things that can kill older vampires, but she’s definitely dead for good (or for a while) right?

Finally, I should mention that Klaus got Jeremy to draw the tattoos on Connor – no one else can see the tattoo. Connor’s all chained up. He tells Jeremy that he saw that tattoos on another guy who told him that only potential vampire hunters could see it. Eventually, the tattoo started showing up on Connor’s hand and the more vampires he killed the more it spread. Klaus sees the map that Jeremy drew and is angry that it isn’t complete yet. So Connor is definitely still going to come into play.

Later in the episode Connor escapes by decapitating a vampire guard (seriously people, learn about having more strategically placed guards. Or like, secret guards) and the tattoo grows.

At the end of the episode we see Connor in Professor Shane’s office. TWIST (except not if you were paying attention to his artwork)! Professor Shane asks, “Shouldn’t you be in Mystic Falls killing vampires?” and Connor responds, “Why the hell did you send me there?”

In the final scene with Damon and Elena she admits that she thinks he might be right about the correct way to be a vampire. But she doesn’t want to become… like him (Damon says). We get some hot eye action, and then Stefan steps in. He doesn’t tell Elena or Damon about Connor being chained (well, no more) or the cure.

So what did you all think?


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  1. Though I don’t like the idea of a curse that will take the show back to square one, I am intrigued to see the outcome of this one. I don’t believe that it will work the way it is intended, just like the sun and moon curse. A coworker at DISH also suggested that if it does exist, then Elena may not necessarily be the one transformed. I don’t think that the writers would go through so much trouble to make her a vampire, just to take it back in the end. With my busy schedule, my Hopper from DISH is already programmed to record this entire season automatically. I would hate to miss out on any information, especially with all of the twists on this show. Nothing ever happens as its intended, so I will be looking for clues that hint that this will be no different.

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