Interlochen Quiz: Could You Make it as a Professional Writer?

Interlochen Arts Academy is offering one talented writing student a $30,000 scholarship. Want to know more? Then check out  the Virginia B. Ball Writing Competition and enter your application for a chance to win the scholarship!

We know you love to write. That’s one of the reasons you’re part of Figment. But do you have the skills and dedication to make it as a professional writer?



Sponsored by Interlochen Arts Academy.

61 thoughts on “Interlochen Quiz: Could You Make it as a Professional Writer?

  1. Ive written a few stories, and quite a few poems. I think that getting a scholarship to become a proffesional writer would be amazing!(but i am only in 9th grade.) I took the quiz to see if I could make it and i got “aww, yeah!” 🙂

  2. I actually looked at this school, and determined it was my dream school.
    Too bad I’d never be able to go there. T_T There is no chance my mom would let me move that many miles away.

    • who says it’s her decision what school you go to. Don’t let anyone hold you back, because in the future, you’ll be working for yourself. (Or how I put it, “I do this for my kids I will one day have.”)

      • I got “Aww, yeah!” too, but I was curious to see what would happen if I chose the opposite of what I do.. so, I retook the quiz and gave bad answers and got “Yeah, no”. Mystery solved haha

  3. Wish my parents would let me go so far away…I had to enter the Interlochen contest because it was part of an English class project, but on the chance that I win, I won’t be able to go. T_T I hadn’t heard of this school before now, but dang, it sounds a-ma-zing.

  4. lol im pretty sure a lot of figment writers got aww yeah! XD otherwise we wouldnt be figment writers 😛
    if you won the interlochen scholarship, would you turn it down because of the cost? :/
    [asking for opinions here, open for discussion]

        • I got a “Maybe” too… But you know what Bobo? This quiz is stupid. I’m in my Junior year of high school, I’ve written three novels on my own volition, gotten rave reviews from everyone who’s read them, and am currently writing a trilogy. I also have a 99.8 in English and a 102.5 in Creative Writing. These jerkfaces can’t tell us whether or not we’re good writers.

  5. GOt an Aww,yeah. Im in 8th grade and don’t think my mom would approve…my dad would though! my mom’s gonna take some covinceing….that is IF i win!

  6. I’d make it! I need this scholarship more than anything.. I want to get away from this pit I live in and live with people who do what I do. Write

  7. Your Result:

    Aww, yeah!

    You’ve got the confidence, the talent, the mindset, the drive, and—most importantly—the passion to become a professional writer.

    yey I could be a writer. xxxxxxx

    • I have also written a lot of poems and stories and I only got “Maybe so” too :/ My plan was to use Booktango to publish an eBook next month as soon as I finish my editing (only a few more hours on it, I think!). Hopefully I will be published by the end of January!

      Don’t take the survey to heart. I found that some of the questions didn’t have answers that I was satisfied with. I’m thinking you may have had the same problem…?

      Keep writing and don’t let anyone get you down. You’re obviously determined and talented so no worries. You’ll be a published author in no time!! 🙂

  8. I got this WAY too late being a senior and all… But this would have been so awesome for me, ugh… Oh well.
    I also go the awww yeah…

  9. I would love to enter, but even if I did win, that would still be like 20,000 more dollars if I was going to board there, and my family just can’t afford that right now ugh

  10. I got aww, yeah! Maybe I have the talent, I have honestly NO clue, but confidence is an issue. My biggest dream is to write a book as popular as Harry Potter, or at least Hunger Games level.For now I will just stick to spell checking my texts(does anyone else do that?)
    And since I just HAVE to say this, please read my books such as Daughter Earth or Tribute To Sandy Hook *cough* both of them *cough*

  11. I got aw yea You’ve got the confidence, the talent, the mindset, the drive, and—most importantly—the passion to become a professional writer.

    I would love to get published but I need to work nmaking longer chapters.

  12. i wish i’d been able to apply, getting published is sort of my dream. alas, i’m only a sophmore and so i will stick to winning NaNoWriMo.

  13. Woopie! I got a ‘awww yeah’ too. Guess that must be good right? I would love to be a successful writer, or at least publish something I consider my best piece of writing.

  14. I got aww yeah, which is great because becoming a professional writer is my dream. Unfortunately, my parents keep trying to discourage me becuse they think I wouldn’t make any money by writing.

  15. “You’ve got the confidence, the talent, the mindset, the drive, and—most importantly—the passion to become a professional writer.”…..*sigh*…hope I make it

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