The Diviners Flash-Fiction Contest Winners

Diviners Book Cover

Evie O’Neill didn’t expect New York to be quite so exciting. When she left her boring old town of Zenith, OH, for the big city, she couldn’t wait for the glamorous parties, the beautiful people, the movie palaces. But New York City in 1926 isn’t all dancing in your glad rags at the Cotton Club. Somewhere out there, something wicked is lurking . . . and he’s leaving behind clues. A dead girl, missing her eyes, with a word scrawled on her forehead and a symbol on her chest.

What does it all mean? And who—or what—is terrorizing New York?

In honor of Libba Bray’s eerie new jazz-age mystery, The Diviners, we challenged you to a double dose of weekend flash-fiction, and now seems like a swell time to announce the winners!

The Diviners Mysterious Clue Flash-Fiction

For the first challenge, we asked you to write a story about a mysterious clue.

Grand Prize: The Mob by Elena

Congrats, Elena! You will receive a swell flapper headband, a Diviners necklace, and a flapper boa—plus a copy of The Diviners, signed by Libba Bray.

Second Place: The Chip by Emily Strutskie

Yay, Emily! You will will receive a signed copy of The Diviners.

Third Place: Steal Me by Decidedly Odd

Bravo, Decidedly Odd! You will receive a copy of The Diviners.

The Museum of Creepy Crawlies Flash-Fiction

For the second challenge, we asked you to write a story that included an item from the Museum of Creepy Crawlies.

Grand Prize: Sackcloth and Ashes by Emery Hale

Awesome job, Emery! You will receive a signed copy of The Diviners by Libba Bray and a Figment t-shirt.


Merciless by Kristin Yuki

The Linguist by Carly Gordon

Way to go, Kristin and Carly! You will each receive a copy of The Diviners.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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