Perry’s Killer Photo Album

Perry Stormaire has the kind of adventures most 18-year-olds only dream about:

1. He’s on a European tour with his band, Inchworm.
2. He has an awesome girlfriend.
3. He survived an international murder plot.

Yep. Perry’s feeling pretty good until he struts into Harry’s Bar in Venice and reunites with Gobi, the Lithuanian exchange student with a license to kill. Once again, Perry is swept up in a world of bullets and bomb plasts. It’s all he can do to just survive the crazy adventure with Gobi. At least he gets to do some European sight-seeing along the way!

Check out some of Perry’s favorite photos from his crazy European vacation below, and start reading Perry’s Killer Playlist by Joe Schreiber today!

Perry and Gobi’s tour-de-bloodshed begins in idyllic Venice, Italy.

No vacation is complete without a visit to the one of the beautiful and precious cathedrals of Italy—just make sure they don’t make you check your pistol.

Venice is also known for its canals. They’re perfect for a romantic gondola rides . . . or faking your own death in a boat crash-slash-huge explosion.

Perry leaves Italy to spend some time in Switzerland, a country known for is serene countryside . . . at least it’s serene until Gobi gets there.

Obligatory animal picture. And since cats are so overdone, check out these cows!

Interesting Fact: No matter where a tourist is in Paris, they will have the Eiffel Tower in the background of their pictures. Even if they are top of the Eiffel Tower with an assassin holding a gun to their head.


(Images, from top to bottom: Grand Canal at night, Venice; San Marco Square, Venice, Italy; Gondola silhouette on Venetian canal at evening; Zermatt Town; Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland; cow in the typical landscape; Paris – the City of Light. All images from Bigstock.)

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