Vampire Diaries Recap: We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

I’m pretty sure this episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was brought to you by “Twilight,” which, incidentally, is why this recap is brought to you by exhaustion. There’s a lot of emotions right now guys and not just because I’m really tired.

Elena can’t sleep (the feeling is mutual). She goes downstairs to make tea (I assume) and is confronted by a bloody Connor, back from the dead. She knows he can’t be real and calls to Jeremy for help. She starts fighting pretend Connor and stabs him in the neck only to discover that now he’s actually real Jeremy.

Elena calls Damon to help her, not Stefan.  It’s an issue. Elena hasn’t been able to trust Stefan lately, much to the delight of Delena fans.

Cut to Hayley and Chris drinking to their fallen Hybrid friend at Tyler’s. Hayley offers Tyler a shot and he reacts in literally the weirdest possible way. Klaus is there too. He’s drinking away his depression at finding out that Connor is dead. Have they explained why/if vampires can get drunk? Goddess Caroline comes to the door pretending to have broken up with Tyler. After Klaus leaves Caroline thanks Hayley for the heads up about him being there and kisses Tyler. But you know, we obviously see Hayley’s not-really-ok-with-them-kissing face. DO NOT mess with my girl, Hayley.

Elena sees blood in the shower. Why is she going crazy? Klaus has the answer. He comes to Elena’s to talk to Stefan. He’s certain they can eventually find another hunter, but he is worried that Elena is going insane. Klaus explains that she’s going to try to kill herself because the hunter’s main goal is to kill vampires and even death won’t stop Connor from making Elena his last victim. Elena has a vision of Connor again, but this time it’s actually Damon. She runs outdoors and Klaus grabs her and takes her away.

At the school, Jeremy tells Matt about his vampire mary, amirite? Why would he be there for an exhibit? Did a college professor ever come to your high school? Have I lost my mind due to Twilight sleep deprivation (TSD)? Anyway Professor Shane is being annoying and not saying what he means again. But actually, at the end of the episode Matt asserts himself a wee bit and we learn that Professor Shane had a relationship with Pastor Young. The day of the explosion, Pastor Young called Professor Shane ten times. Lovers? We can only hope. It’s probably something far more plot-y.

Klaus takes Elena to some kind of protected room he made for her (“That’s not what the bed’s for” is a line I sort of heard tonight—maybe not a direct quote– but not on this show, sadly). He tells her he too was extremely tormented after he killed an original five hunter. He wanted to kill himself too, but he was immortal. It didn’t go away for a while and he doesn’t really know why it eventually did. A lot of help you are Klaus! Nice sad face though.

Connor continues to torment Elena, until Katherine replaces him. KATHERINE IS BACK! Well, kind of. She’s mainly just in Elena’s mind to torment her. You know, like in Elena’s regular life.  Her line “Don’t you ever stop crying” was pretty perfect though. We all have been thinking it, Elena. But we get that that is probably the worst possible thing to say this episode.

In hybrid news, Tyler and Hayley have somehow broken Chris’ sire bond. He’s the hybrid guarding Elena. So all Caroline needs to do is distract Klaus (with her cute shirt and/or lack thereof), while Tyler and Hayley convince Chris to let Stefan save Elena.

That doesn’t go as planned. Stefan comes to Elena’s rescue, but she sees him as Connor and stabs him. To be fair, in this episode she equal opportunity sees almost everyone as Connor.

Elena runs away and ends up at the bridge where her two almost deaths went down. She turns and sees her mother. I don’t know exactly how I feel about the writer’s using every single person telling Elena to kill herself as a plot device. It just seems overly cruel. It may make complete sense in terms of the show. Elena is depressed. Elena hasn’t been the same since her transformation and the voices in her head tell her things she already feels. But her mom, guys! HER MOTHER! That just seems too harsh. Elena finally decides it would be best for everyone if she died. She throws her ring in the water and waits for the sunrise.

However, in the meantime Damon has gone to Professor Shane to find out how to stop Connor from tormenting Elena from the grave. It’s pretty easy to do actually. A new hunter (aka Jeremy) has to kill a vampire and grow his mark. Easy peasy. Jeremy will just kill Damon. JK JK JK JK (my eyes, sleep when will you come). Jeremy kills hybrid Chris. Given my 0% connection to hybrid Chris this scene was way sadder than I thought it would be. Tyler and Hayley have told Chris that he will be safe. Klaus comes into Tyler’s house (upset about being lied to by Caroline and betrayed by Chris) and you think he is going to kill Chris. But no, it’s Jeremy who does the final stabbing, with Stefan’s help.

Why is Stefan there, you ask? Well because he has sent Damon to help Elena. Damon’s the only person she really listens to any more. His face when he sees she’s not wearing her ring is amazingly heartbreaking. But even he can’t really talk her down. What snaps her out of it is Jeremy killing Chris. But it’s too late, the sun is rising, and her ring is in the deep end of the ocean (jk just probably kind of deep). Damon throws her in the water.

In the next shot we see Elena sleeping peacefully with the ring on her finger. Damon saved her. Damon tells her that Stefan has just been trying to protect her. He tells her about the cure. He does not try to kiss her. For real? That seems a little out of character.

Before we get to the ending (so so close pillow), let’s talk about Professor Shane. I already told you about Matt’s late in the episode discovery. However, during his exhibit Professor Shane talks about the “world’s first tombstone” at the high school. The NUMBER of words it’s going to take to explain this story is not worth it. An immortal dude named Silas (who everyone is spelling “Silas” and not “Sylas” which seems way less cool to me) wanted to give his love immortality. However, another witch loved him and was devastated when she found out he was granting someone else immortality. So she buried him alive. But he’s immortal so it’s forever. Are we supposed to assume Professor Shane is Silas? Probably, right? Also, how many more love metaphors and themes can this show have? A million. Oh right, good answer. Also Professor Shane tells Bonnie that when Jeremy finishes his map she should come find him. Whatever, start saying literally exactly what you mean or get out of here Professor Shane.

Also, my dearest goddess Caroline goes to talk to Tyler after Chris’ murder (R.I.P.) only to find Tyler and Hayley drinking to their fallen comrade (bringing it back around). Caroline tells Tyler that this was the only way they could save their friend to which Tyler fairly replies that Chris was their friend too. More than I should, I think about the fact that these characters’ lives would be easier if they realized who were the main characters and who the day players. Caroline also confesses that she got Klaus to sacrifice hybrid Chris by agreeing to go on a date with him. Then Tyler throws a bottle at the wall near Caroline. This scene was incredibly affecting if only because his anger seemed so contained and then this explosion completely devastating. Goddess Caroline, be safe.

So the big ending. Elena and Stefan talk on the steps of her house. He realizes that she loves Damon more now. She explains that vampire her is different. They break-up. Yes, I repeat, they break-up. Given how dramatic everything is in this show, this was more of a quieter giving up. So the door is open for an awesome get together episode between Damon and Elena next week. It’s time for me to start thinking of potential rebounds for Stefan as my head hits the pillow.


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  1. Great review! Thanks for staying up late to write it. I think you’re right about Sylas being the Professor. I’m happy to see Connor go!

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