Because It Is My Blood Flash-Fiction Contest Finalists!

Anya Balanchine wants to follow the straight and narrow, but her mafia family is making it difficult. And so is the pesky D.A. who is trying to prevent Anya from dating his son, Win. Everyone seems to have it out for Anya, and she is forced to leave New York for a cacao farm in Mexico. On the lam, she has to take a new name and keep her life in New York a secret.

Inspired by all of the secrets in Gabrielle Zevin’s novel Because it is My Blood, we challenged you to a week of covert flash fiction. The Figment editors read your stories, and we’re now pleased to announce the finalists that will be sent to Gabrielle herself for judging. Read the finalists below, and wish your fellow Figs luck!

No by EizusTheDestroyer

Walk in the Sun by Hillary Holloway

Bitter Memories by You

I Know Nothing by Heidi Wang

Out by L. Smith

Calypso by Samantha Jones

Halo by Erica Cortez

The Sleepover by Anjela

Daddy’s Instrument by ShadowWriter

Buried in Columbia: Trent by Tori Danielle

The grand-prize winner will receive an e-reader loaded with the first two books in The Birthright series (All These Things I’ve Done and Because It Is My Blood).

Five daily winners will each receive a signed copy of Because It Is My Blood.

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