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Are you an eighth grader or high school freshman, sophomore, or junior who wants to take your writing to the next level? Do you want to be surrounded by other, equally dedicated young authors? Then enter Interlochen Arts Academy’s Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competition to win a $30,0000 scholarship to the Michigan boarding school.

Today, teacher Mika Perrine talks about the writing life at Interlochen and introduces a few choice selections of student work.

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As a creative writing teacher at Interlochen Arts Academy, I get the remarkable opportunity to work with young writers like you who are committed to challenging themselves and pushing their writing to the next level. There is nothing I love more than helping a student discover their next steps in a workshop or in a conversation in my office: it’s that moment where everything clicks, they start typing furiously, and the magic of revision, or re-seeing, begins to happen on the page.

How do they get there? A suggestion from one of their classmates may have sparked a new vision of their character, or a question I ask helps them to identify the conflict at the heart of their story. Or perhaps one of our sessions with nationally renowned fiction writers like Jeffrey Eugenides or Antonya Nelson opened their eyes to a fresh perspective on plot or point of view. One thing seems clear to me as I read the dazzling results of their efforts: our program allows students to take their writing further than they ever thought possible. It is incredibly rewarding to guide students through this process, and I look forward to diving headfirst into each new story they share with me.

What’s your story? I’d love to read it! Check out this fresh and exciting new fiction from Interlochen Arts Academy’s creative writing majors to get inspired!

A hilarious, modern twist on the fairy tale, Happily Never After was written by Abigail Flowers, currently a senior writing major at Interlochen Arts Academy.

A narrator reflects on her journey through childhood alongside her older, clumsier sister in Folding,” by Kelly Clare, Interlochen Arts Academy &#821712. Kelly is currently attending Knox College, where she is studying creative writing.

A group of wayward teenagers try to make sense of their lives in Bad Kids,” by Brittany Newell, winner of the 2010 Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competition, Interlochen Arts Academy &#821712. Brittany is currently attending Stanford University, where she is studying literature and creative writing. Brittany also won the Norman Mailer High School Fiction Writing Award for this story!

We can’t wait to read your stories! To find out more about entering our Virginia B. Ball Creative Writing Competition, visit the contest page on our website. The contest winner receives a $30,000 scholarship to attend Interlochen Arts Academy as a creative writing major, a truly remarkable opportunity. The online submission deadline is December 15. (Make sure to check out my important contest entry tips!)

Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Fiction from Interlochen Writers!

  1. I’ve been dreaming about going to Interlochen for years and never thought I’d have a chance to get a scholarship, I’m not passing it up! It’s such an amazing place!

  2. “Bad Kids” by Brittany Newell is just amazing. I read it and was awed. – you guys should check it out, definitely. The thing on the website is just an excerpt, but the entire story is online if you Google it. I can’t even. It certainly deserves the award. 🙂

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