More Thanksgiving Wishes from Fictional Characters

It’s been a fun year for Figment, and we have a lot to be thankful for. While a lot has changed, some things will never leave us: funny Thanksgiving eCards. Check out these classic Figment ecards, and see this year’s crop! Harry Potter ecard: Be thankful you don't have to cook the whole meal and clean the whole house, while wearing a dirty pillowcase."Hunger Games ecard: "Be thankful your cornucopia isn't filled with treats intended to aid you in slaughtering a handful of your peers."twilight ecard: "Be thankful you're not pregnant with a demon baby. And if you are, be thankful it isn't eating you alive from the inside. And if it is, look at your life. Look at your choices."Liked these? Check out this year’s eCards from fictional characters!

2 thoughts on “More Thanksgiving Wishes from Fictional Characters

  1. Holden says: “Thanksgiving means what, all you phonies? The least you could do would be to say yes unconditionally to your sad grandma, with her sad hopeful face, and make a real human connection that means something real in life.” Or something like that. Go and love the people who love you.

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