Figment Is Thankful For . . .

It’s Thanksgiving in the US, and author Alyson Noël challenged you to write about the five things you’re most thankful for. You all wrote some very kind things about your families, friends, and Figment! We feel so lucky to be included on your lists, so we wrote a list of the things we’re thankful for this year.

Figment Is Thankful For:

1. Figment Users

2. Figmenters

3. Figs

4. Figgies

5. Nutella

Check out the winners of Alyson Noël’s Thanksgiving writing challenge!

Thanks. by Amana Abdu

4. Friends and Family: Without them, there is no me. Plain and simple. The hate-love relationships I have with these people truly define who I am, and who I want to be (and sometimes who I don’t want to be).

What I’m Thankful For by Komatsu Izumi (Lila)

5. Cats
To me cats ward away the evil that could eventually try to harm me. My cat is my friend and she’s silly and so much like me at times! It’s odd but she’s there for me when I’m sad and hurting.

From Fish to (Eye)Glasses by meg

4. Fish. So I can name them Atticus, Scout, and Jem Fish and laugh when my friends have no idea what I’m talking about.

Butterflies by Ryanne =)

Butterflies. I haven’t had you yet, but thanks in advance for the feelings in stomach for when I spot the one.

Thankful by Padfoot

I thank you most sincerely

For all lost puzzle pieces,

And I thank you most dearly

For my bed.

I am so grateful

For fresh-baked cookies

And for Hogwarts hats,

Which warm my head.

Happy Thanksgiving, Figgies!

7 thoughts on “Figment Is Thankful For . . .

  1. I am thankful for God my family and my brothers and sisters in Christ. with out them i would b no where. God is so good to his children and i am very much so thankful for that.

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