Magisterium Short-Story Contest Winners!

Glenn Morgan does not believe in magic. But when she and her friend Kevin Kapoor are forced to flee across the Rift and into an unknown land, she discovers a power within herself that she didn’t know existed. This power? It’s her Affinity. And it is definitely magic.

Inspired by the magical world of Magisterium, we challenged you to write a story about someone discovering their Affinity. You wrote some awesome stories, and we sent the ten finalists to author Jeff Hirsch for judging! We’re now pleased to announce the winners of this contest.

Grand Prize: Wither by Ash S.H.

Congrats, Ash! You will receive a $15 Amazon gift card and signed copies of Magisterium and The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch.

Second Place: Sing From The Soul by Nisha Gupta

Bravo, Nisha! You will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of Magisterium.

Third Place: Stronger than the Screaming by A Girl That Writes

Yay! You will receive a signed copy of Magisterium.

Congrats to all of the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

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