Where To Meet Nerdy Boys

“Nerdy” isn’t necessarily a bad label — the term can mean “passionate for non-mainstream interests,” or it can imply intelligence and analytic capabilities. Smart girls know nerdy boys are desirable, but (like the Pokemon they love), they’re hard to catch.

The first step in meeting nerdy boys is knowing where to look. Some suggestions:

The Genius Bar

These guys are pre-screened for their ability to problem-solve complicated technological issues (swoon). Plus, they have to be somewhat personable, or Apple wouldn’t have let them out of the back room. Book an appointment to break the ice with some guaranteed one-on-one action. (“Oops, I left my Facebook up. Yes, that status says ‘single.’ “)

The Classical Sheet Music Section Of A Guitar Store

Love of classical music = insta-nerd. A guy lurking around the classical music section of a guitar store has bypassed the flashy electric guitars to go perseverate about which Heitor Villa-Lobos song to buy. Plus, he totally could’ve downloaded the sheet music off the Internet, but he’s a purist and wanted the legit, most detailed version. Nerdy boy with rhythm and an appreciation for nuance? Yes, please.

Geocaching Sites

Geocaching enthusiasts are just the right amount of adventurous (as in, not really at all but still seems like it). Use your GPS to hone in on some Goonies-loving guys and bond over how you both like treasure. Who doesn’t like treasure? But only awesome people like you guys will act on it. Let’s sign the log book with a heart around our initials!

The Penguin Exhibit At The Zoo

Dudes hanging out at the penguin exhibit are there for a reason: they specifically love penguins. They had to enter that building to seek penguin. They did not stay on the main path to the lowest-common-denominator crowd-favorite lion den. They’re not marveling at monkeys who’ll pay attention to them. These guys followed their passion to the smelliest of environments to gaze at the synergistic community of a species that MATES FOR LIFE. If that doesn’t get your Happy Feet heading in their direction, I don’t know what does.

The Lobby Of A Therapist’s Office

Let’s face it, with great mental capacity often comes great anxiety, and these nerds might need some help. Chances are, if you know where the therapist’s office lobby is, you’re in the same boat. Guys who are in therapy have already done half your job for you (they know how to communicate their needs! they admit they have weaknesses!), so get them while they’re feeling vulnerable. Hang out with the magazines until one leaves his appointment, then approach him and say you’re available to lend an ear for free.

A Space Station

Space stations are like nerd utopia. Extremely intelligent, physically capable dudes floating around a confined space with a limited dating pool — what more could you want?! Apply to an astrophysics program today!

What are some other ideal nerd-meeting locations? Let us know in the comments! And once you’ve found him, do you know how to talk to your nerdy boy? We’ve got tips.

Photos: “Genius Bar” by Mike Lau; “Geocaching – Ubatuba” by Erre; “Penguins” by Son Gismo; “Reconfiguring the Station” by NASA Goddard 


38 thoughts on “Where To Meet Nerdy Boys

    • From my experience, band geeks – if truly dedicated to their instrument – are anti-social for a reason: they are TERRIBLE at making friends. I’ve fallen for too many woodwind-playing jerks to know that if you want a music geek, go for ones that are isolated from the band, like they play in their own free time and usually aren’t surrounded by other band members because they are the only ones that understand them. -_-

  1. English class, closest to the blackboard. Boys here love to read, pay attention in class, and are bound to be able to communicate. If they weren’t, there would be something on that blackboard that the teacher wouldn’t approve of.

  2. At libraries, on computers, playing Minecraft with their friends. When I walked in there, I thought they were crazy: “Dude, a creeper just blew up my stairs!” and “Guys, I found lava!” and “Wait, let me get my diamonds.” If they weren’t nerds, then my name isn’t inmodica runningjump. (oh, wait, it isn’t . . . whatever.)

    • Hey, what’s wrong with Minecraft? It’s pretty much the only video game my boyfriend plays, and he got me into it (I play a lot of other things besides), so it’s something we can do together, even when we’re 368 miles apart.

    • Me too! It’s horrible, but probably so true! (Except for the fact that it’s a good place to look for guys… that seemed a little bit like asking for trouble to me)

      • haha Hey guys, so i go to therapy on and off(depression and what not) and this is actually true! I’ve seen some seriously attractive guys in there! :p

  3. Join your school’s chess club/game club et cetera.
    I’m in my school’s chess club. Twenty people and I’m the only girl there.

  4. Beware, Nerdy doesn’t always equate to nice. I was into a real nerdy guy once, but he turned out to be a total arsehole. Sometimes he could be socially awkward because he’s actually a real jerk and no one wants to be friends with someone who constantly belittles them.

  5. I hate to be this person, but I was just a little annoyed by the fact that this post assumes that all girls want to date boys, and that they’re the only ones who do. The post was entertaining and all, but I just wish it could, you know, acknowledge the fact that not everyone in the world is straight.

    • Yeah, I mean, I don’t really know what to expect from Figment. But I don’t think it’d be too difficult to make it all more gender-ambiguous? But I dunno. Not anything to get /too/ up in arms about, but slightly irksome.

      • I strongly agree. I haven’t really seen anything gender-neutral, or LGBTQ supportive in any of the newsletters, posts, etc. only seeing heterosexual stuff of here is a bit, well annoying but nothing to blow-up about.

  6. here, perhaps? writers are awesome, even more so those who are willing to subject themselves to others’ critique!
    ps this is not a desperate plea, simply pointing out that some cute nerdy boys are bound to be around here 🙂
    pps although if there are, i wouldn’t mind hearing from them…

  7. Don’t forget Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons stores and hangouts.

    And at an early showing of “The Hobbit,” because nerd boys understand the value of a matinee.

  8. This is discriminative. Please, stop talking like that about “nerds.” It’s amoral! I’ve never thought I’d see Figment do such a preposterous thing! And Minecraft is a great game Inmodica… Figment, you act like nerd boys are some kind of animal that one need to approach cautious, like with birds. Why?

    – Lukas

    • I know you think it’s derogative, but I think it’s kind of sweet. the nerd label is way better than the geek label, in my opinion. cheers!

  9. Jack in the box on Friday nights. I once walked in and there were 20 guys with their little binders trading yugio cards. I wanted to scream, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

  10. I have nothing against any of this, but it seems stereotypical. But to add to this list, all of this is available at my school:

    Rocket-building club

    Airplane building club

    Chess club

    Sci-fi club

    The library

  11. how about at a robotics competition, the amount of cute nerd boys there is astounding.

    plus most of them seem to be afraid of girls. doesnt help they spend their whole spring locked away in a basement with a robot either though…

    but it helps in the long run when you want to pick up a guy XD

  12. At a swing dance. If you want to meet nerds go learn how to do some sort of swing dance (for example the Charleston or the Shim-Sham), and find swing (or social) dance club.
    I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s so much fun. And it’s so nice to ACTUALLY be able to dance with someone as opposed to doing whatever it is that they pass off as dancing nowadays. Even if you just go with friends, it is a really great environment to meet fellow nerds because you know for a fact that anyone who attends swing dances is not too high on the social pyramid.

  13. I just want to say that this was highly informative. 😉 thank you for these tips! I don’t know what my type is, but if it’s nerd boy I definitely know where to look… and I just want to say that I don’t think nerd is discriminative. It has been in the past, but I’m proudly a nerd girl of different branches of nerd stuff (no video games, just shows and school stuff) and i think it’s a whole lot better than some of the alternatives. that is my opinion… and happy nerd hunting! 🙂

  14. @Baffy Pie Crust
    It is spelled “YuGiOh!” (I’m not angry, the exclamation point is part of the name). So yeah. Just thought I should point that out. Plus it is not a bad game. It is collectible and a strategy game of sorts. Much more thought provoking than playing Blops Dos (Call of Duty: Black Ops II)online with a bunch of people. (This comment is founded upon the fact that you asked what they are doing with their lives. I assumed this to be derogatory. If this is not the case, I apologize.)

  15. Oh, I only wish I could meet nerd boys. And I’m certainly not desperate for a relationship, but I can’t seem to meet a nerd… anyone.
    Actually, scratch that. I’ve met one nerd girl who is just full of awesome.
    But other than that, my life is without.
    I mean, there was only two kids in my entire class who could actually identify with what ‘Anime’ and ‘Manga’ was (One girl said, “That doesn’t sound like English….” And I was like, “T_T”)
    No one there knows what Doctor Who is. No one could even tell me what OTP meant. They get confused with terms like ‘vlog’, ‘fandom’, ‘ships’ and anything tumblr. Actually, anything on the internet not ‘Facebook’ and they are at loss. Most of them hate reading, too. It makes me sad.

    But yeah. My library only has older people, or really little kids. And mostly girls.
    Going to bookstores is a rare treat, and I am there rarely.

    But I’d like to add that magicians can be fairly nerdy too. I met one at a farmers fair and I only wish we’d have exchanged e-mails. He was adorable, nerdy, and just so much fun.

    But yes. I’m surprised this didn’t mention bookstores or the library. It seems like the most classic meeting place.

    • I second everything you say. The only time I ever even *saw* a remotely nerdy boy was at the dentist’s. I think he was reading Shekespeare. He was too far away to see, but it was definitely something in Early Modern English and either a play or an epic poem.

      Social etiquette declared that I should pretend he didn’t exist, not try to catch his eye when he went off to the *other* dentist, and not feel let down when he was gone by the time I left my dentist.

      I would also say that, if you have them, NaNo events would be the No. 1 place to find nerdy writerly boys 🙂

  16. Im a “nerdy” girl? No, woman, looking for a “nerdy” man, or “nerdy” (smart, thoughtful,humble,genuine)friends. Problem is I suffer from the same thing they do, and am generally in the library or locked in my house, unless im walking in the park or something like that.I dont generally frequent crowded places. :< So… Sometimes I see one or two in the university dressed in kakis and wearing glasses, and in my mind I secretely wish they would talk to me. Im super awkquard and dont have the best social skills (though I've developed them quite a lot).

  17. if u want nerdy shy guys this is exactly where to find them… the internet, check dating sites. me personally, i would be thrilled to find a message on my dating site, and me being over analytical you know that they wont say anything stupid, plus if there not good at talking to women, its much easier to type it out first and check its really what they want to say

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