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LaCava StephanieToday’s Daily Theme comes courtesy of Stephanie LaCava, author of the just-released An Extraordinary Theory of Objects, a series of essays about a young girl revisiting her childhood in Paris in a quest for understanding and peace.

LaCava works New York and Paris. Raised in France, she attended Colgate University. Her work has appeared in T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue, and other print and online publications, including the Paris Review and Tin House. She posts striking photographs and words daily on her Web site, which she refers to as a phantom cabinet of curiosities.

LaCava’s theme focuses on knowledge, withholding  and reveal. Try your hand at this challenge, and post your results on Figment!

Daily Theme for December 6, 2012.

Imagine a misunderstanding that could have been simply resolved by either information or action that can be explained in one sentence.
Write the scene three ways: one from the point of view of the character who is privy to the information revealed in the final sentence. One from an omniscient point of view that selectively reveals information and then finally one from the unwitting character.

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