Figment Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents For A Harry Potter Fan

What should you buy the Harry Potter fan in your life? Go beyond the books with these ten amazing gifts.

1. A signed copy of The Casual Vacancy

Signed The Casual Vacancy It’s. So. Beautiful. Via 

2. Daily Prophet iPhone case

Daily Prophet iPhone If only the pictures moved . . . Via Zazzle 

3. TV remote wand

Magic Wand remote control

Accio, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Via Think Geek 

4. Hogwarts acceptance letter

hogwarts acceptance letter It’s legally binding. You can petition Hogwarts for entry with one of these suckers.
Via Munchkinzmomma on Etsy

5. A Trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

harry potter world ticket O_O

6. A snitch bracelet

snitch bracelet If Quidditch is a sport, this makes you a jock! Via looksky on Etsy 

7. A Harry Potter droid sticker

harry potter android sticker So cute! Via Karen Hallion on REDBUBBLE 

8. A Hogwarts-inspired Snuggie

Harry Potter Snuggie Warm and styling while chilling by the common room fire.
From Amazon via thisiswhyimbroke 

9. Harry Potter candy pack

harry potter candy Candy you’d expect to see at Honeydukes. Via Alivan’s 

10. Hogwarts cake-making kit

harry potter cake Hufflecreampuff! Gryffindoughnuts! Slythering-dings! Ravenbearclaws! Via Amazon 

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