How To Know If A Nerdy Boy Likes You

Now that you’ve met and talked to a nerdy boy, you’d better read this primer if you want to have any clue as to if the guy is into you. It’s definitely possible that your nerdy boy is outgoing, talkative, and able to pass for a socially competent human being. But it’s also likely that, given his brain capacity, he’s over-thinking every interaction to the point that you have no idea how he really feels. Here are some helpful nerdy boy “tells.”

He asks you about yourself, then doesn’t process the answers.

Nerdy boy with cup of coffee

He read in a book once that it’s a good idea to ask a girl questions about herself to get her talking. So he’ll do this, and then he’ll start thinking: Shoot, what am I supposed to say next? Is there a follow-up question that’s better than others? I can’t remember what the book says! Inevitably, you’ll finish your story and he’ll go, “Cool. What were you thinking about ordering?” One flustered, I mean custard, please.

He invites you to join his mission in World of Warcraft . . . or his fantasy football league.

I’ve been taking some flak in the comments for stereotyping nerds as solely WoW types. But nerds come in all flavors: sports-obsessed. Indie-band obsessed. Presidential-biography-obsessed.

If your nerdy boy has invited you to do something with him that you know he’s into—be it in a video game or IRL—he’s probably into you, too.

You sit next to him on a couch, and he doesn’t get up and go to a different couch.

nerdy guy reading a magazine on a sofa next to a girl

If a nerdy boy isn’t into you, he’ll be worried you might get the wrong idea, and you’ll develop an unrequited crush on him, and you’ll think he’s a bad guy, and he really, really doesn’t want to be the subject of a Taylor Swift song because that would be mortifying. As a result, nerdy boys find it very difficult to share seating space because everyone knows seating space is just a gateway to you wantonly brushing against him. But if he DOESN’T recoil when you sit next to him on a couch, start picking out rings—that’s huge.

He offers for you to come over and watch Game of Thrones, then watches you watch Game of Thrones.

Most nerdy boys love Game of Thrones, and there are a lot of bare breasts on Game of Thrones. If your guy is looking at you rather than gawking at the Khaleesi of the Dothraki people, you’ve definitely got him under some kinda love spell. That’s sweet. But now you have to pretend you’re not more interested in Rob Stark.

Spotify tells you that he’s listening to the same Michael Bublé song one minute after you play it. Specifically, “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.”

Spotify is a very useful tool in helping you glean some insight into the mind of a nerdy boy. While some guys do legitimately like Michael Bublé and listen to “IJHMYY” on a daily basis, there’s a 97% chance that his click was directly related to your name and song choice appearing in his sidebar. He’s trying to communicate with you. If it was genuinely a coincidence, well, that’s a sign in and of itself! Everybody wins, except Michael Bublé’s lyricist-theorist.

You’re pretty sure he dislikes you and/or might not be attracted to your gender, but there are times in which you’ve held his glance a moment longer than necessary, but you think you’re probably imagining things but he just IM’d you so hey.

Nerdy boy, look at me, don't look at me

Guys say women’s emotions are too complicated, but nerdy boys usually win the “What Does This Mean?” award (as nominated by the Ambiguity Academy). My best advice would be to keep circling your N.B. (nerdy boy) until you think there’s a 51% chance he likes you but is hiding it, then tell his friend you’re interested in N.B. but not to say anything, then the friend will tell N.B. and you can see if N.B. will approach you or not. Or, you know, don’t say anything at all, and just live your life with your pride intact. It’s OK, we’ve all got a few regrets floating around our nerdy girl hippocampi.

How else can you tell if a nerdy boy likes you? Let us know in the comments!

[Thanks to Daily Fig reader Emily for the article suggestion!]

Photos: “J. Guy” by Joshua Rothhaas, “Felicia Jeremiah Morning After” by Brad Holt, “Nerds” by Selena Smith

44 thoughts on “How To Know If A Nerdy Boy Likes You

    • A couple of sure fire ways to tell if a nerdy girl (I am an expert as I like to think myself as a nerd girl.) likes you is if she

      A. Looks at you and then look away when you blush in response
      B. Starts to hyperventilate, laugh nervously, or talk about [insert nerd show she watched last night ie. Star Trek, Doctor Who] way to much
      C. Looks slightly disappointed when you aren’t paired up for that thing at school
      D. Asks your opinion way more then any other guy
      E. Talks to you way more then any other guy
      F. Doesn’t mind when you push your way her and her friends conversation.
      G. Franticly straightens her Star Trek com pin as you walk by
      H. She asks you out (that ones a biggy!)
      I. She says “Uhh do you want to uhh, are you going to the, uhhh never mind.” Then she walks away. That means she just asked you out to the dance.

      Well um there are probably a lot more things but those are the mains!

      • Hahaha! I have to agree completely! Except D and E (just to confuse everybody! :D)- I get super nervous when I try to talk to him. So… I just talk to the other guys, but sit around him more.

  1. One surefire way to tell if he is the talkative type is to start a discussion about something nerdy you know he understands. Be careful not to make it seem like he is explaining it to you though- this just bores/aggravates him. Nerds really like talking to someone else who understands the things they are interested in and talking to us about it will make us feel more ready to open up. If he begins talking more and more frequently with you afterwards, this is a good sign that he could be interested in you.

    • Please, please, please, please, PLEASE give an example of how one does this for any of the following reasons:

      a) So I may identify it when/if someone does this to me
      b) So that I can then proceed to do this to someone else
      c) Shits and giggles

      If you posted an example of asking for someones number via heated discussion about supernatural (or doctor who *hint hint*) you would make me the happiest girl in the world for at least an entire minute.

  2. Not going to lie, this actually applies and I think the symptoms go with my situation. This is very helpful and now I know what other signs to look for. I have a feeling he likes me, but haven’t been able to hit the nail on the head yet.

  3. If you recommend something to him (or her!) and s/he argues with you about it, that’s a really good sign. Nerds are very careful about what fanbases they let into their lives- if that indie band or old sci-fi show catches a nerd’s interest, chances are that you have too. Starting an argument about Stargate or the history of the Philippines or whatever is the ultimate in nerd flirtation- an excuse to talk to you without being too obviously interested in you as a person.

  4. I love the Games of Thrones part! I’m currently trying to talk my boyfriend into watching it (the Khalessi of the Dothraki seems to be the only thing that will remotly catch his attention) but he won’t.
    I need to make friends with a nerday boy.
    (I’m also trying to talk my BF into playing WoW with me… I need a healer.)

  5. Well, I’ve been talking to my crush about relationships and he said that boys love when girls take initiative and walk up and say, “you’re really cute, you know.” and then walk away. N.B. will probably be too afraid to talk first, so get the ball rolling. I told my crush I liked him and he said that we were just friends for now, but that he thinks it’ll change soon. Stung a little, but hey, knowing is better than not knowing right? So let your nerd know and don’t be afraid to face the music if you’re rejected.

  6. This is so funny and scarily accurate! Sounds just like my nerdy ex boyfriend. The first time we hung out, we sat on a cough together, and he had me watch Game of Thrones. I was cracking up. Good article!

  7. Makes science innuendos like “If I was an endoplasmic reticulum how would you like me, smooth or rough?” and “I wish I was a deoxyribonucleic acid helicase so I could unzip your genes” (even if some of them aren’t strictly true)

  8. I was reading this out loud to my nerdy guy friend and laughing at his reaction– a couple things hit pretty close to home for him, especially about the girl he likes right now.

  9. okay… so theres a guy in the library always playing yugioh… and if i didnt like him i would talk to him my mother says.. and she is accurate.. this is scary…. how do i have confidence?? i need a good excuse to talk to him.. haalp meh

  10. I swear if I asked out the N.B that I like he wouldn’t want to turn me down because he would think he would hurt my feelings. He should know by now that most of the school knows that he is practically in love with my best friend. So basically, very awkward situation in Nerdville at the moment.

  11. um… what about a situation where I text to him alot during the summer but he stop when school starts and don’t bother to tell me in class? but he’s still acting normal around me like with the other people…

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