Figment Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for a Hunger Games Fan

What should you buy the Hunger Games fan in your life? Go beyond the books with these ten amazing gifts.

1. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook

worst case scenario survival handbook

 Learn how to purify water, build rafts, fend off bears, and defend against alien invasions. Just because it didn’t happen in the 75th Annual Hunger Games,
doesn’t mean it’s not in store for the 76th.
 Via Amazon

2. A Mockingjay Pocket Watch

mockingjay pocket watch

Inspired by the Catching Fire clock arena, it’s equal parts Hunger Games, pocket watch, and awesome. Via NancyLiu on Etsy

3. Mellark Bakery sign

mellark bakery sign

For every admirer of Peeta’s buns. Via Blueleaf Creative on Etsy

4. The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook

hunger games cookbook

The only thing better than reading about food? Eating the food you’re reading about.
Via Think Geek

5. An Archery Kit

hunger games archery set

Who’s got two thumbs and is ready to be reaped? Not us.
We shot one of our thumbs off with an archery kit. Via Amazon

6. Peeta and Katniss bracelets

hunger games friendship bracelets

Like normal friendship bracelets, if every time you read them you wept a little.
Via SpiffingJewelry on Etsy

7. Panem District Clock

panem districts clock

What time is it? A quarter past the fishing district? Nice. Via CafePress

8. Katniss Barbie

katniss barbie

Are you too old for a Katniss Barbie? No. Never. God, no. No. Via Amazon

9. The Hunger Games mini-book locket

hunger games locket

Store pictures or your favorite quotes inside! Via sparklelab on Etsy

10. A District 12 Tribute Shirt

hunger games tribute training shirt

Bonus points if you wear it while parkouring. Via Amazon

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