Vote Now in the Figment Awards!

We spend a lot of time on Figment, reading the wonderful stories you create. We know the library inside and out. But you know who knows it better?

You do.

You spend all of your free time in the Figment library, reading as many stories as you can, and offering thoughtful and insightful comments to your fellow figs.

You are an integral part of the Figment community, which is why we want you to vote in the first-ever Figment Awards!

It’s your turn to tell us:

What’s the best story on Figment?

How to Enter:

Click on the widget below to start the voting process. There are 14 categories. You may vote for one story per category. To vote for your favorite story, paste its URL into the box provided. You don’t have to vote in every category. At the end of the ballot, fill in your email address to validate your vote.

Voting runs from December 13, 2012 to 11:59 p.m. ET on January 2, 2013.

The contest is open to all members of Figment, and you don’t need to member of Figment to vote (so encourage your friends and family to vote for your story). Please read the official guidelines.


We’ll be naming one winner for each category. The 14 category winners will each have the opportunity to choose the Editor’s Choice stories in the Figment newsletter and curate the featured stories on’s homepage for one day.

Oh, and let’s not forget bragging rights!


♥ Best Overall  Best Short Story (501 to 24,999 words) ♥ Best Micro-Fiction (up to 500 words) ♥ Best Long Story (25,000 words or more)  Best Poem ♥ Most Blush-Inducing ♥ Most Shiver-Worthy  Most Wow-able ♥ Most Cry-Inducing ♥ Most Laugh-Making ♥ Most Romantic ♥ Best Contemporary ♥ Best Sci-Fi ♥ Best Fantasy

46 thoughts on “Vote Now in the Figment Awards!

  1. How will the winner’s be chosen? Will it be strictly by votes, or will you be using the votes to compile a list of nominees to choose from?

  2. I would love it so much if any of you would vote for if you need a story for short story, romance, most wow-able, most contemporary, or most cry-inducing.

  3. hey guys im trying to enter the contest for a origional fiction story of about 500 words or less and it will be published in the seventeen magazine and you win some money too but i cant find how to enter and or the directions and the rules of it either. im sorry if this comes off as annoying but i just cant seem to find it. im new if it helps.

  4. Can everyone who comments (or most) please, please check out my short story Finally Free? I’m just trying to spread the word about how terrible, inhumane, sinful, and wrong Sexually Assault is. Please, I’m seriously begging now.
    If you have a heart (I’m really not trying to guilt trip you into this) please use this link to get to my story:

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