Figment Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for a Geek

Shopping for a geek? Look no further! These ten geek gifts are nerdmazing. Dorktastic. Geek-a-riffic. Awesome.

Doctor Who gifts


Geronimo! If you’ve been waiting for the Doctor to tap you as the next companion, (and really, who hasn’t?) here he is, in lifesize cut-out form! Via Amazon


This shirt has “Don’t Blink” across the chest, which is cool. But if you flip the hem of this shirt over your head, you get an angel face on your face. Which. Is. Cool.
Via ParamountPacific on Etsy

Firefly gifts


Firefly Done The Impossible

Listen as the cast and fans reminisce about the show. Bonus points if you start sobbing, rocking yourself, and chanting “I am a leaf on the wind,” every time Alan Tudyk shows up.
Via Amazon 


jayne hat firefly

Hero-of-Canton style. Via tiptophats on Etsy

Sherlock gifts


 If someone questions this reference, step back, motion to your shirt, and say,
“Ummm, Sherlock.” Via Zazzle

book bag sherlock holmes

For book lovers, bag lovers, and consulting detective lovers. Via NovelCreations on Etsy

Star Trek gifts


Hear the futuristic swish any time a door opens. Also, make people call you “Commander.”  Via Think Geek

Star Wars gifts


This is the pinnacle of iPhone cases. The rest of you may go now.
Via KustomCases on Etsy

World of Warcraft gifts



Is there a warning label on this that says, “Does not actually heal ANYTHING”? Cause there SHOULD be. Via Amazon

wow hearthstone charm

Home is where the hearthstone is! Via SteampunkTexasBelle on Etsy

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18 thoughts on “Figment Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for a Geek

  1. What is all this craze about Dr. Who being a geek thing? It is much too popular among the general population to be called geeky or exclusively for geeks. And not all geeks like it anyways! I find it to be too shallow and uninventive to deserve my time and also rather overrated. Besides, this is Figment, not BBC America. It shouldn’t be all about fanfics and television, it should be about writing and poetry and creative thought! I’m not saying I hate all fans of Dr. Who. I am not saying that I have something against the show. But I really think you guys should think a bit more about the serious writers and what their interests might be.

    • Well, you don’t exactly see the kids in the cliques chatting about Doctor Who in their free time. While the other fandoms may be more obviously geeky, I must argue that Doctor Who tends to have quite the nerdish audience.

    • You’re right, totally not geeky. I mean, a mysterious man who calls himself the Doctor, claims he is a time lord-has two hearts, can die and be reborn, fights off Cybermen and Daleks, Clockwork Droids, Weeping Angels, Gelths, K-9, Vashta Nerada…obviously anything but geeky.

    • It’s not really whether or not it’s popular it’s that it has geeky aspects like aliens and robots and time travel and most nerdy things you can think of. I mean look at all the stuff up there it’s all pretty popular and still classified as geeky.

    • Doctor Who is 1103% a geek show. If it has
      1)time travel
      2)traveling through space
      3)made up technological items/ terms
      5)if one or more of the main character has no ‘real’ name/ hasn’t reveled it/has a combonation of leters and numbers for a name
      It’s clasified as a Geek or nerd show there is no arguing about it. I can give examples of of the listed above in Doctor Who.
      1)Pretty much every episode
      2)again almost every episode
      3)Sonic Screwdriver, Gravity Globe,TARDIS
      4)Timelords, vasternerada, daleks, weeping angels, must I continue?
      5)The Doctor, K-9,River Song
      Obviously if you still think that Doctor Who is not a geek/nerd show than you obviously haven’t watch enough of it
      So get off you computer and get watching!

      • okay…. i am not a geek and i am completely obsessed with doctor who, but i do admit that i am slightly nerdy. ok… im a nerd. but a cute nerd:) anyway, i think it could be classified as geeky and nerdy, but i see it more as a nerd fandom. i just dont see it as geeky type.

      • “Serious Writers”? I take it you don’t feel fan-fic authors, screen writers (specifically doctor who) aren’t “serious authors”. What makes a true author than, because fan-fiction authors and screen writers are very “authorish” or “serious” in my book.
        Have you ever read a good fan-fic? Because good fan-fictions are some of the best stories I have ever read, and those things are hard to write. You have to stick to an already made character(s) that sometimes have really hard personalities and then you have to write appropriate responses and actions.
        A good screen writer is amazing. For example (no matter how much I hate this man for ripping my heart out again and again he is a good screen writer because he can do that!) Steven Moffat. He can write a really good and complex plot for shows and he can make the watcher feel for characters and make anything seem real.
        So what’s the difference between a producer/script writer and a writer? The just have difference audiences and media. Readers and television watchers.
        And just because this isn’t BBC America we can’t talk about their shows? Or we can’t write fan-fics? Since when was BBC about fan-fictions? And just because a lot of people watch Doctor Who doesn’t mean it isn’t geeky anymore.
        Definition of Geek:
        1. An unfashionable or socially inept person.
        2. A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest: “a computer geek”

        Plus it’s a science fiction show with a 900 year old alien traveling through time and space in a blue box called the TARDIS, that is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. How exactly is that not “geeky”?
        Because something is “geeky” doesn’t mean all geeks across the planet like it or only true geeks can enjoy it. I personally don’t enjoy firefly or World of War Craft all that much, that doesn’t mean I’m not a geek. And who are you to decide who a geek is, what is geeky enough, and what we should be doing on Figment.
        Figment is “a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you’re into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fic stories to cell phone novels, you can find it all here.” Just because you don’t think something is or should be here doesn’t mean that is the truth and is right. Figment is somewhere were writers can come share their creations, regardless of whether it’s a supernatural fan-fiction to a 24 stanza poem. All are creative, original and took someone’s time to create. Just because it might be filed or tagged a specific genre or style doesn’t make it any less important than another genre.

    • We should then knock Star Trek out of the geek realm because it is far too popular to be classified as geeky. With nearly twelve movies, a huge fanbase, and great ratings for Star Trek: TNG, by your logic it is entirely undeserving of being on this list. Star Wars is an EXTREMELY popular movie, computer game, and TV franchise as well – it shouldn’t classify as well.

      And “shallow and underrated”? Cite examples. What episodes of the show have you watched that have given you this opinion?

      Merry Christmas.

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