Vampire Diaries Recap: O Come All Ye Faithful

You all called it in the comments about the “12” and “12” thing. Twelve human souls needed to be sacrificed for Val. Twelve hybrids had to be sacrificed for . . . well I actually have no idea who that benefits (presumably everyone and no one). Who else forgot that it was exactly twelve people who died in the fire at Pastor Young’s? I certainly did. So maybe that didn’t work, so Professor Shane had to upgrade to hybrids.

Anyway, I feel I’m getting ahead of myself. While Elena and Damon are trying to keep it PG, Stefan is visiting Klaus. He wants to see if Klaus really has the sword/if he can be trusted. Klaus shows him the sword, which is stored in a safe, and explains that it holds the key to unlocking the code of the hunter map.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Tyler tell the hybrids that they’ve found a witch to perform the body jump spell. That means they can bury Klaus’ soul in another person’s body until the hybrids all escape. Tyler has volunteered to be buried in concrete for his senior year (we get it Tyler, college applications are super stressful!). Caroline is none to happy when he tells her. Neither is his mom, but she ultimately tells him he has to do what he has to do. Did anyone else read the EW thing about who might die and then totally know who was going to die?

Damon and Elena go to the Gilbert lake house to see Jeremy. He’s chopping wood, which might be the best thing I’ve seen all week. After inviting Elena into the house, he instantly tries to kill her. So there’s that. No worries, Professor Shane’s there to explain how to stop Jeremy’s urge to stake Elena. I’m going to be completely honest I stopped paying attention when Professor Shane explained how he was going to break Jeremy of his “stab Elena” habit because: 1. I thought there was no way I was going to need to understand all of it; and 2. fine, I’ll believe whatever random thing you say breaks this urge in Jeremy but then don’t make it try to sound like science but also just be super convoluted. Anyway, this section is both sad (because in a trance Jeremy tells Elena exactly what most people think i.e. that she’s the reason a bunch of their loved ones are dead), romantic (because Jeremy basically tells Bonnie he still loves her), and happy (because it all works out in the end).

I don’t know if it’s more this season than last season, but have you noticed that Damon is for sure in the “pretty people bubble” when it comes to zingers? The pretty people bubble (definition from 30 Rock) is where you can say something ridiculous or just silly and no one calls you on it because you’re attractive. Think about it when you watch the episode and get back to me.

Throughout the episode whenever Stefan calls, Damon skirts around his questions about where Elena is. But in the end Damon decides that he has to “do the right thing” (I still think my idea from last week could work) and tell Elena to leave him alone. He literally just says “I set you free” and that she should go home and it’s really anticlimactic. So he didn’t actually do it, right? Like they have to part at the end, but it wasn’t super sad or anything.  Basically it was like leaving someone at the end of the night. I think most people are appropriately over this sire thing. I liked it at first but enough is enough.

The big reveal this episode came courtesy of Professor Shane. He tells Elena and Damon that he knows where the cure is (TWIST). It’s with Silas! Remember Silas, that person who he kept talking about before and you were sort of like, whatever? Anyway, poor immortal Silas is buried somewhere rotting away with the cure (but like, I guess he doesn’t have all the tools to perform the cure, because otherwise he would have just taken it). Professor Shane knows where Silas is!

The other big reveal, I thought, was that Professor Shane had a wife and child who died. Therefore, he probably wants the cure to bring them back from the dead I’m still a little unclear how the immortality cure also solves the whole ‘death’ problem, but Professor Shane did mention something about that before to Hayley. Which brings me to the main story of this episode titled “Hayley’s Betrayal: Never Mess With Caroline.”

At the Winter Wonderland event, Caroline calls up Stefan to warn him about the impending hybrid plan to body switch Klaus. If they want the sword, they need to get it quickly. Stefan breaks into Klaus’ safe, but can’t find the sword anywhere.  He does find some love notes though.

Stefan comes to tell Caroline he can’t find the sword and that they need to stop the body switch. At this point, Tyler sneaks up out of literally nowhere (everyone has super senses!) and is mad annoyed that Caroline told Stefan his plan.

Tyler and the other hybrids tie up Caroline and Stefan so that they don’t try to warn Klaus of his impending body switch. However, UNDERGROUND Stefan gets a call from Damon that Professor Shane knows where the cure is. So NBD, body switch away. Can we talk about what good cell reception Stefan gets in the cave? I tried to text my friend that I wanted her to order sushi literally just walking into the subway and it didn’t go through.

The hybrids let Caroline and Stefan out, because Caroline has a great plan. See, they can just use Rebekah’s body and then her boyfriend doesn’t need to be underground indefinitely. Tyler says Caroline is brilliant. Hayley snaps her neck when Tyler leaves.

We see a great scene where it seems like Klaus is going to his “body switch” doom.  Joseph Morgan deserves more roles. Klaus sadly muses that the love notes he keeps remind him of his own loneliness. He realizes before he kills someone that he has all this power of their life in his hands, but ultimately they die and he still remains alone.  And then you’re super sad, because he’s going off to be betrayed by his hybrids… but wait? Who saw this next part coming? No one. Got it.

You know what I love: Christmas music. You know what I don’t love: Christmas music ruined with brutal violence. While Hayley tells Tyler that she doesn’t know any witch, we see Klaus viciously slaughter all twelve hybrids. WHAT?? It was devastating.

One of my big questions throughout this episode (and now that it’s over) was: How far are these characters really willing to go to save/bring back someone they love and does the show do enough with that?  Hayley should be all about her pack. Isn’t that the wolf’s way? Shouldn’t she want to protect the people she loves and knows? Why does she sacrifice so much for her birth parents? Mind you, now her dead birth parents. This seems like something they aren’t going to explore enough (but hopefully the writers will prove me wrong).

At Salvatore Mansion, Stefan and Caroline also think about how many bad things they’ve done in the past and wonder if they can still be considered good people. Nice work writers! If this show doesn’t take a second to wonder why there is so much death and destruction that these people cause, then it just becomes ridiculous. Stefan worries that the only thing separating them from Klaus is that they have people they love and trust.

Trust, oh yes, Caroline says. Now, I get that Caroline is friends with Stefan and Damon, but also she’s best friends with Elena. WHY WOULD SHE TELL STEFAN THAT DAMON WAS WITH ELENA? I don’t like it one bit. Stefan gets appropriately angry that Elena and Damon have had sex and maybe not so appropriately angry that Damon is with her that instant.  Also, Damon was only a day late on doing the thing that basically makes him incredibly miserable, so in the end we shouldn’t fault him too much.

This ending was straight up terrible (and by that I mean too devastating). Klaus kills Tyler’s mom, the only person he has left. I guess Klaroline fans are gonna have to rethink their devotion a little. Except remember how Damon tried to kill Jeremy and only didn’t succeed because Jeremy was wearing that ring and now we still want him to get with Elena? I’m just saying, people can literally come back from anything on this show.

Also, April wakes Caroline up after Hayley breaks her neck. Caroline tries to compel her to forget, but she’s wearing the vervain bracelet. Therefore, April goes to the cellar where Rebekah is buried. That means REBEKAH IS COMING BACK EVERYONE!! That’s something for me to hang my hopes on! See you all in a month!


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4 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Recap: O Come All Ye Faithful

  1. Man!!! I was really hoping Rebekah was gone for good but I guess not…. And I hope that Stefan and Elena get back together. I liked them together.

  2. I am so excited for Rebekah to come back.
    And for more Delena.
    And for the Klaroline story to keep developing.
    I love your reviews.

  3. Oh, dear. Saw this episode. I wanted to say, the one after that was a bit angering, because April believed Rebekah(Someone she barely knew) over Elena(who she’s known her whole life). I’d get not trusting anyone, but to trust Rebekah is ridiculous.

    I am a Klaroliner, though. 🙂

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