Wolf Pact Flash-Fiction Contest Finalists

Lawson and his fellow wolves were once the proud guardians of time. Now they are enslaved in the Underworld. At 18, they are turned into hellhounds—they lose their souls and are forced to do Lucifer’s evil bidding.

But Lawson refuses to accept this terrible fate. With the help of his brothers and sisters in the pack, he develops a plan to flee aboveground. After a harrowing escape, they find themselves in a completely unfamiliar world filled with danger. They must work together to survive on their own.

Inspired by Melissa de la Cruz’s new series Wolf Pact (a spinoff of her popular Blue Bloods series), we challenged you to a week of flash-fiction writing. You wrote, and the Figment editors chose these ten finalists to be sent to Melissa for judging! Check out the stories below, and wish your fellow Figs good luck!

The Dome by Meri Elena

Bang by Lieder Madchen

For Tanzie by Jillian (Jilly Bean) Johnston

Beneath the Wreckage by Elizabeth Grondin

I’ve Lost Her by Sally Balboa

Bloody Bones by Brenna Helquist

Pieces of Us by L. Schmidt

Change by Manasvi Shrivastava

Perfect Score by Krystal Maestas

Audience by Esmeralda Rose



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