Figment Superlatives 2012

While you cast your votes in The Figment Awards, we wanted to recognize some categories that weren’t included, because the winners would just be obvious . . . so, without further ado, check out the first ever Figment superlatives!





figment book goosefoot linna lee

Best Story About a Half-Girl-Half-Swan:

Goosefoot by Linna Lee


potato bikini figment book

Sexiest Vegetable:

Just That Way by Nova star @ your service


figment book door 6

The Hemmingwayest:

Six by Cheyenne Carbaugh


figment book cover

 Most Bittersweet Non-Love Story: 

Knowing by Samrite


figment book coffee

Most Popular Story About a Beverage:

Coffee by Coolio Dash


figment book alpacalypse

Most Alpacas:

The Alpacalypse by Awesomesauce


figment book hunger games fanfic

Most Likely to Make You Abandon Team Peeta:

To Miss a Mockingjay by Brianna W. Mellark ϟ

3 thoughts on “Figment Superlatives 2012

    • Agreed…

      Also, why are there only teams Peeta and Gale. The internet would like to believe she has a thing for a certain computer geek, among other tributes…

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