The Best of Figment Live!

There are so many great things that happen on Figment, but we count the author chats—known around here as Figment Live—among our favorites. Honestly, we get just as excited as you to spend an evening talking with a group of amazing authors—and we learn so much. I mean, how could you not learn something when you’re talking with the likes of Julie Kagawa, Scott Westerfeld, and Maggie Stiefvater.

Here are our top 10 favorite moments from this year’s Figment Live.

10. Villains should’t be pure evil.

Julie Kagawa and Holly Black chat about villains on

9. It’s easy to avoid cliches, if you just think originally.

Ransom Riggs talks about avoiding cliches on

8. Kissing scenes shouldn’t just be about the kissing.

Katie McGarry, Ellen Hopkins, and Simone Elkeles talk about writing kissing scenes on Figment


7. Jane Austen is made of awesome.

Elizabeth Eulberg on Jane Austen


6. Psychological scary is scarier than physical scary . . . especially when you’re invested in the characters.

Kami Garcia and Ransom Riggs on what's scary

5. Julie Kagawa dreamed of being a werewolf when she was a little girl.

Julie Kagawa wanted to be a wereworlf

4. Those cool boys in your high school class . . . They might inspire the voice of your main character one day.

Lucy Christopher on writing from a boy's point of view


3. Conveying an accent is all about word choice.

Justine Labalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan and Scott Westerfeld talk about how to write an accent


2. Do not fear the red pen!

Scott Westerfeld and Lauren McLaughlin talk about good editors

1. In order to be a great writer, get out and live a little!

Maggie Stiefvater encourages people to live life!

Want to read more? Check out the Figment Live archives page, which has links to transcripts and highlights to all the live chats here on Figment. Enjoy! Did we miss something? Tell us your favorite Figment Live moments in the comments.

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