Winners of the Time Between Us Writing Challenge!

Tamara Ireland Stone, author of the new novel, Time Between Us, stopped by Figment this fall to talk about her book and the challenges of writing like a traveler. Tamara took an amazing trip to Asia, that helped inspire some of the scenes in Time Between Us. But she also understands there is a power in making any destination—from the local mall to top of Mount Fugi—a fascinating destination.

Tamara challenged you to write a description about where you live—a street in your town, your favorite restaurant, a local beach or park—as if you’re seeing it for the first time. You wrote some really interesting pieces about everything from an ode to Pittsburgh sports teams to a descriptive scene about your favorite diner (which made us want a milkshake!). Check out the winners below, who’s stories are also featured on today’s homepage.

My Street, My Home by Kayana

Lucky’s by Momo Lowe

Desolation by Kyla Marie Rich

Steel City by K.A Quincy

Well done, everyone! And thanks to everyone who participated!

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