Break My Heart 1,000 Times Short-Story Contest Winners

Daniel WatersIn Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters, ghosts have become commonplace—the mysterious result of a cataclysmic event. They litter the streets, restaurants—even bathrooms—constantly repeating the same action.

Inspired by the ghosts who fill the world of Kirk and Veronica, we challanged you to write a story about someone who is haunted.You wrote and voted, and we sent the 10 finalists to Daniel Waters for judging. We’re now pleased to announce the winners of this contest. Check out the winning stories below and congratulate your fellow Figs!


Grand Prize:

Congrats, Emi! You’ll receive a Daniel Waters Halloween Prize Pack, which includes a copy of Break My Heart 1,000 Timesall three books in Daniel’s Generation Dead series (Generation DeadKiss of LifePassing Strange), and a Zombie Juice Water Bottle!



Way to go, Grayson and Ginger! You’ll each receive a copy of Break My Heart 1,000 Times.

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