Burned Short-Story Contest Finalists

Inspired by the Pretty Little Liars’ Caribbean disaster in Sara Shepard’s Burned, we challenged you to write a story about a group of friends who are having fun . . . until danger strikes. And write you did! You wrote and voted, and the Figment editors will read these 50 finalists and narrow them down to five to send to Sara Shepard for judging!

Read through the finalists below, and be sure to wish your fellow Figs luck!

An Almost Perfect Day by Tory lebeau

Bloody Valentine by Taylour

Lights Off by Magnum Lace

The Matched Wedding by Kalli Meta

Some Lipstick This Way Comes by Isabel Fillippone

Unseen by AJ

And Then There Was One by Familiara Kalessa Flame

Forever Stay by Jay Bird

Love Game by Kristy Levin

The Secret by Katie ZaBam

Ice Skate Scandal by Faith Ally

Waves by Yuki Yuri

Cliffhanger by Kalyn Cole

It’s Just a Game by CNRain

Ready or Not by Lucy♥ Myst

Driving test by Lyssa Silver

Tangled in the Great Escape by S. Morales

No, Lana by Savanna Lai

Masked by J.D

Whatever Happens to Magpie by Elise Elliott

Never Have I Ever…Killed? by Danielle DiBona

Broken by Aphrodite Star

Help. by Audrey McElrath

Until Trouble Strikes by Lexie

Burned Contest: Spring Formal Nightmare by Riley White

Our Last Together by Kerrington Hood

Washed Away by Linn Kirchhoff

Hide and Seek by M. C. Kapo

Toxically Flawed by Lorem Ipsum

Torn by J. Hultman

Fall of the Musical Box by Annie Qiu

Shadow Behind Us by michaela mulgrew

Watched by Brianna Montanari

Lights Out by Karolynn Crane-Hager

With a Bang by Jordan Marie

Beached by Deanna T.

The Birthday Candle by Jasmine q. Lee

Bane by Emily Mertz

Like a Sudden Storm by hannah fehr

It Can Wait by Dreamheart16

Fatal Reality by Rachel Fritz

there was an audience me by Amylove

Serene by Angelica M. Figueroa

Fun and Games by cazilly

It Started With a Whisper by A.J. Hanscom

Their Story by DJV

Drawings in the Sand by Heather James

Killer by ForeverUnderestimated

DUI by Chantel Carter

Change of Plans by AveryLovesApples


One Grand-prize winner will receive a signed copy of Burned (Pretty Little Liars Book 12) by Sara Shepard, Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD, and a $25 Amazon gift card.

One second-prize winner will receive a signed copy Burned (Pretty Little Liars Book 12) and Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First and Second Seasons on DVD.

One third-prize winner will receive a signed copy of Burned.

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