Echo Short-Story Contest Winners

Alyson NoelInspired by Daire’s special skills in Alyson Noël’s new novel, Echo, we challenged you to write a story about someone who can communicate with the dead. You wrote and voted, and we sent the ten finalists to Alyson for judging. We’re now pleased to announce the winners of the contest.

Check out the winning stories, and be sure to congratulate your fellow Figs!


Grand Prize:

Way to go, Valkerie! You will receive signed copies of Fated and Echo by Alyson Noël and a pair of Soul Seeker–inspired feather earrings.

Alyson Noël says: “I loved her story’s perfect blend of creepy (he sees ghosts in his high school!), funny (he see a ghost who flips him the bird!), and romantic (he’s getting love advice from a ghost!). And the obstacle she’d placed in her protagonists path was resolved with a nice twist at the end! Well done Valkerie!”


Congrats, Madeline and Grayson! You will each receive copies of Fated and Echo.

Alyson Noël on Hunter: “So well described I cringed in parts (in a good way). And a fight scene—wow—those are so much harder to write than they seem!”

Alyson Noël on Stolen by the Sky:  Great description of the pain of loss and grief, with an inspiring ending!”

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