Cast a Spell on your Facebook Friends!

Witch & Wizard Spell Caster

Life would be a lot better if we had magical powers. Heck, we’d even settle for second-rate powers, like the ability to magically refill the chip bowl without getting off the sofa during a Doctor Who marathon. Well, ask and ye shall receive …

To celebrate The Kiss — the newest book in megabestselling author James Patterson’s Witch & Wizard series — we present: the Witch & Wizard Spell Caster! With just a click of a button, you can cast a magic spell over your friends’ Facebook walls.

Flirt Spell

Cast a Love Spell and watch your friend fall in love with a random friend on Facebook, complete with mushy status updates and love poems.


Fire spellFeeling a little fiesty? Cast a Fire Spell and watch as your friend’s Facebook page goes up in flames.


Transport spellIs your friend longing for a vacation? Cast a Transport Spell, and your friend’s Facebook page will be sent to Siberia.



Then check back on Figment’s Contest Page on Monday, January 28. We’re launching a very cool short-story contest, with prizes that might be just as exciting as magical powers . . .


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