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In The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan, Tim Macbeth knows what it’s like to be different. He’s an albino; he’s not all that popular; and to top it off, he’s just moved to a new school—second semester, senior year. In spite of everything, he starts an unlikely relationship with the ultra-popular Vanessa. Will their secret relationship survive, or will their different social statuses ruin everything?

Some of our favorite characters are misfits just like Tim: People rarely “get” them, but they’re secretly cooler than everyone else. Inspired by The Tragedy Paper, we’re counting down our favorite characters who march to the beat of their own drums. Check out our picks and vote for the best below!

Jerry SpinelliStargirl from Stargirl

You can tell from one glance that Stargirl’s a misfit: She wears crazy clothes, plays the ukulele, and carries her pet rat with her everywhere. Everyone at school thinks she’s super weird, but she sounds pretty cool to us. And even if Stargirl’s antics get a little extreme, you have to give her props for doing her own thing.



Evanna Lynch Harry Potter JK RowlingLuna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Luna’s name has pretty much become synonymous with “awesome outcast” at this point. And let’s face it—she kind of rules. Yeah, her crazy theories are always good for a laugh, but she’s also totally brave and endlessly loyal to her friends. We’d follow crumple-horned snorcacks with her any time!



Perks of Being a Wallflower Steven Chbosky Logan LermanCharlie from
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A self-proclaimed “wallflower,” Charlie basically has no friends until a group of lovable outsiders makes him part of their crowd. Through the joys of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Charlie really comes into his own. We love him, both in print and on film (although we don’t love Emma Watson trying to say his name in an American accent).



Doctor Who David TennantThe Doctor from Doctor Who

The Doctor might be a brave and stylish alien, but we can’t forget that he’s an exile. He just can’t stop himself from getting involved in the universe, and the Time Lords are strictly against intervention. Seriously, though, we have no problem with it. Come intervene in our world anytime, Doctor!



Sherlock Benedict CumberbatchSherlock Holmes from Sherlock

Sherlock is totally brilliant, but there’s no denying that he’s an oddball. He can solve mysteries at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to social skills—yeah, there’s really not much to work with. In spite of that, he manages to be half of one of the best bromances ever.



Edward Scissorhands Johnny DeppEdward from Edward Scissorhands

Even though he looks a little scary, Edward’s good at heart. But when you have giant metal scissors for hands, it’s kind of difficult to keep a low profile. At first, everyone likes him, but over time, the townspeople start thinking he’s dangerous. We, however, would love to give him a (very careful) hug.



Elf Will FerrellBuddy from Elf

Since Buddy thinks he’s a Christmas elf, he really has no idea how to act around regular people. Some of the other characters find his ways annoying, but we would love to have a friend like Buddy. He’s way into the holidays, he’s enthusiastic about everything, and he only eats candy? Yes, please.



DisneyMulan from Mulan

Mulan always feels a little out of place—she’s a woman pretending to be a man so she can fight in a war. But she’s so awesome that she pulls it off, singing and dancing along the way. We’re even willing to overlook the glaring historical inaccuracies because those songs are just SO. CATCHY.



Batman from Batman

He may be a gazillionaire, but Batman’s not exactly the most popular guy. He lives on the margins of society, fighting crime while mourning the deaths of his parents. His only friend is his butler. But he takes all that emotional turmoil and puts it toward defeating bad guys, which we think is a pretty good use for all that angst.



The Hunger Games Jennifer LawrenceKatniss from The Hunger Games

Katniss is used to going against the grain—she actually volunteers for the Hunger Games. She’s way better than any of the other competitors. And, in the end, she leads a full-blown rebellion! She’s definitely an outsider, but it’s mostly because of her unadulterated awesomeness.



Which of these misfits do you dig the most? Vote now! Which awesome outcasts did we leave out? Let us know in the comments!

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156 thoughts on “Vote Now! Our Favorite Misfits

  1. Oh, HEEECK TO THE NO! You did NOT just make me pick between the Doctor and Sherlock Holmes. X^D

    Final answer: the Doctor. I mean, you don’t get anymore “misfit” than the last Time Lord who flies around in a police box. :^P

      • You must read all the Harry Potter Books. ASAP!!! You can’t go on without them! (Unless it’s against your religion, which, I understand)
        I was Luna for Halloween!!! She’s my fav. character!!!

  2. Stargirl! Is she ever given a name in the entire story? No! Because she never officially fits in. All of these other characters fit in, that’s the whole great cheesy moral to the stories. Stargirl is just amazing.

  3. I agree with Val; Sherlock is probably the biggest outcast but Charlie comes in 2nd while the Doctor is 3rd. My opinion anyway.

  4. Really, Figment? I have to choose between Scissorhands, Holmes, /and/ Lovegood? I hate you. I hate you forever you wonderful sadist.

      • Edward all the way!! There’s not much more of an outcast, even if you are ‘the last of the Time Lords’ or the only ‘consulting detective’ in the world.

    • Depressing book and I personally wouldn’t vote for her (I had to choose between Luna and Sherlock!! MAJOR PANIC I love them both so much!), but yes I agree that Hannah Baker is most certainly an outcast.

    • …except for in his enormous seething group of fans that would totally mob him if he ever stepped into public…
      Don’t worry. I would too.

    • I was on the fence between the doctor, Luna, and Stargirl, but you have swayed me to the doctor, simply because you used the phrase ‘goodness gracious’

  5. Mulan. 🙂 She was my favorite Disney princess. Though, she isn’t actually a princess. I think that’s what makes her stand out. 🙂

  6. How am I supposed to choose from Katniss, Edward, Charlie, Luna, and Stargirl?

    This is too hard so I choose… Edward! Or Charlie…? Luna? I Dont KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Well, its a tie between Stargirl and Luna. They are both weird, and have this beautiful naive voice that make the reader feel like they are wise in some way.

  8. Its a tie between Stargirl and Luna. They both are weird, in a good way. And they have beautiful, naive voices, which make me feel as if they were wise.

    • I always pick the misfits as my favorite characters. And secondary characters. Never the main character, because they’re always too serious. I like the clown in the background who adds comic relief. Plus, I feel like they’re less mainstream.

  9. WHAT?!?!?! How can they make us choose between all of these people? I can’t decide between the Doctor, Stargirl, Luna, Mulan, and Katniss?!?!?!?!?! Okay, I’m just going to vote Stargirl because that is my favorite book and I bet not very many people are voting for her. (p.s. I want to be just like her!)

  10. *sees The Doctor* OMG YES.
    *sees Stargirl, Luna, Buddy, Mulan and Katniss* D; Can’t… choose…

    *ends of choosing The Doctor anyways*

  11. It should be illegal to put Sherlock, Charlie, and Stargirl in the same poll for favouritism…. What the French toast were people thinking!!

  12. HP, really? Again? I’m going to leave a complainey hipster comment on every one of these in which HP is winning. Because that is /all of them/ and can we have one where it’s not involved? It’s just got a way higher popularity-to-awesomeness ratio than the others, and that doesn’t seem fair.

    • I picked Luna because
      a) She really is a misfit. That is her whole role in the HP books. As a crazy person
      b) She is my favorite character of all time. If it had been something like Hagrid or somesuch, I would have picked someone else.
      But you have a right to your opinion. (I think the HP fans would go crazy if they weren’t represented in a poll)

  13. ahh! how on earth could you expect some one to chose between the doctor and Shrlock?!
    Thats just plain mean.
    But I chose Sherlock.

  14. What kinda question is this!? How is a person supposed to choose out of these characters. The only one that really doesn’t fit is Katniss… She’s not a misfit she’s a main character AND she beat everybody.
    Also I hate the movie Elf and I haven’t seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower so it’s between everybody else… Probably Luna, Stargirl, Sherlock, the Doctor, and… Edward and Mulan and Batman. I refer you to my original statement.

  15. Wai wai wai wai wait. Sherlock Holmes from SHERLOCK?!?
    We’re on a friggin website for books. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Sherlock, and Elementary, and the movies, and House, and everything else Sherlock-Holmes-related. But no way. That’s not okay.

  16. Haha…I voted for Sherlock at first, then I went back up and it was asking me to vote…so I did the Doctor. They’re both pretty much at the same level, so I found a way to vote for both!

  17. How can you torture me like this?!? Luna, Stargirl, Doctor, Katniss, PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I have to say Luna. But, Stargirl! I wouldn’t consider the doctor or Katniss to be at the same level as Stargirl and Luna though.

  18. oooh, such a hard choice. between the doctor, stargirl, and mulan… wow… i guess i’ll go with the doctor, just cause he’s hot, while the other two are female, and i’m straight.

  19. Ack! I can’t even narrow down the first five! Stargirl, Luna, Charlie, Sherlock, the Doctor…HOW CAN YOU BE SO CRUEL?!?!?

  20. Between Luna, the Doctor and Sherlock now. Stargirl has a boyfriend and Charlie makes other friends, so… Yeah.

  21. For the love of god, what kind of person makes you choose? What monster came up with this poll?! HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT CHOICE?!?!

  22. DOCTOR WHO, of course. He makes me cry- he’s alone, yet he has SO many people who care about him, and they’re not even his species!

    <3 Doctor Who!

  23. WHYY??!! Why make me pick between Stargirl and Luna Lovegood!! I mean, come on!!
    Final answer: Stargirl, because Luna’s winning, so might as well.

  24. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT OKAY. I absolutely LOVE The Doctor, and Sherlock, and Luna, and Katniss!!!!!!!!!!!! RTJUTHRTYHWRTOHGJAEFGMJ they are making this too hard 🙁

  25. Oh, goodness…I can’t choose between Katniss, Luna, Charlie, or Stargirl. I love them all (welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys). As such, I will post this comment expressing my dilemma instead of actually voting… .____.

  26. I don’t know I loved Mulan, I love Doctor Who, Luna is definitely a misfit with her nargals and all, and Edward is well Edward he’s awesome and Sherlock in pretty much any incarnation in any show is awesome. I can’t really pick, though The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords traveling around in a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside or smaller on the outside depending on your perspective. I think it’s safe to say that he counts as more of a misfit in my opinion than the rest.

  27. I chose Batman, because as Bruce Wayne or as Batman, in the confines of his home, alone, or otherwise, he can’t even really seem to fit in. All the other characters can seem to fit in, or actually find a group that they do fit into, but Bruce/Batman never does. Even in the Justice League, he’s still only a “part-timer,” and doesn’t really fit in with the others.

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