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Cynthia HandClara Gardner, the main character in Cynthia Hand’s new novel Boundless, might be part angel, but her life is far from heavenly. Between protecting her boyfriend from mortal danger to preparing for a battle with fallen angels, Clara has her work cut out for her. Being an angel isn’t all harps and halos, you know.

Inspired by Clara and her fellow angel bloods in Boundless, we’re counting down our favorite pop-culture angels—from the guardians to the fallen. Vote now for the most angelic of them all, and let us know which ones we left out in the comments!


Daniel, Lauren KateDaniel from Fallen

There are lots of fallen angels at Luce’s new (weirdly supernatural) school, but it’s Daniel who catches her eye. Not only is he gorgeous, but he also seems super familiar to Luce. And apparently, he’s the only fallen angel who hasn’t decided whether he’s good or bad yet. He likes to keep us on our toes!



Supernatural, Mischa CollinsCastiel from Supernatural

Castiel is an angel, but that doesn’t mean he’s a wimp. He has the power to defeat demons with a single touch, and he even brings someone back from Hell, which takes some serious skill. Plus, he’s got a slightly scary side to him: He’s got no problem killing people to get the job done.




Becca FitzpatrickPatch from Hush, Hush

Patch seems like your average dark-and-mysterious new kid at school. He’s actually fallen angel, but his greatest wish is to become a human. The only problem? He has to kill someone, and that person happens to be the girl he’s in love with. And you thought you were having a bad week.



Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life

He might not have his wings yet, but Clarence is undoubtedly an authentic guardian angel. Through some crazy time travel, he shows George Bailey what the world would be like if George had never been born. In the end, Clarence saves George’s life, gets his wings, and spreads some serious Christmas cheer.



Wendy HigginsAnna from Sweet Evil

Anna tries her best to be the ultimate good girl. But since she’s the daughter of a fallen angel, good and evil are constantly warring inside her. Add her bad-boy boyfriend Kaidan to the mix, and her struggle to do the right thing gets even harder. Anna might not earn her halo anytime soon…



Doctor Who

 The Weeping Angels from
Doctor Who

Okay, so these guys aren’t TECHNICALLY angels, but they sure look like them. Or rather, they look like angels crossbred with your worst nightmare. They only move when you’re not watching, they make scary faces, and, oh yeah, they’re super deadly. We’ll never look at statues the same way again.



Which of these angelic (and not-so-angelic) characters takes the top spot? Vote now! Did we leave out your favorite angel? Let us know in the comments!


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17 thoughts on “Vote Now! The Best Pop-Culture Angels

  1. Seriously who are the others outside of Cas and the Weeping Angels?

    And where are the heroes from Wings of Desire or The Prophecy?

  2. Are you serious? No Aziraphale (Good Omens, if you were wondering). He’s obviously better than any of these other angels.

    • I second this. Also, really, Hush, hush? When you leave out Akiva and Aziraphale, and choose a guy that, the internet’s pointed out, fits all the signs of an abusive boyfriend, that’s a problem.

  3. Three questions.
    1) Why is Castiel, an overpowered fan favorite from an overrated TV show, beating the Weeping Angels, the ultimate predators?
    2) What about the angels from Angel Burn?
    3) Is there a reason half of these are your average YA fodder—dark, mysterious, “sexy” fallen angels who have to choose between good, evil, and their equally stupidly gorgeous cookie-cutter love interests?

    *prepares to be hated on*

    • All I have to say is that the angels from Angel Burn definitely deserve to be on here. Then again, the mass murder thing might be their hangup on the matter.

  4. I love Patch… Never was much of a fan of David from Fallen. I liked Cam better than David. But Patch… He will forever be my favorite. I loved him!!! As for Castiel from Supernatural… overrated.

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