Writing Contests Abound!

figment logoWhat are you up to this weekend? We’ve got so many amazing contests on Figment, you should definitely check one out:

Timekeeper Contest: In 1,200 words or fewer, write a story about a family secret. One grand-prize winner will receive some really great books, a $15 Amazon gift card, and the chance to choose the Figment homepage stories for a day!

Requiem Contest: In 1,500 words or fewer, write a story in which love is dangerous. Lauren Oliver is reading all the entries and one grand-prize winner will get to visit New York City!

Boundless Short-Story Contest: In 1,200 words or fewer, write about someone trying to fight their destiny. Not sure what destiny you’re fighting? Take our destiny quiz to find out!

And if you haven’t already voted, make sure to check out our favorite misfits poll. Luna Lovegood is in the lead, but there’s still hope for Doctor Who and Sherlock! Vote now!

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