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Ruta Sepetys’s newest novel, Out of the Easy, tells the story of Josie Moraine, the ambitious daughter of a prostitute in 1950s’ New Orleans. The French Quarter is alive with the secrets of the local underworld, but Josie plans to leave her complicated life behind. Then a mysterious death entraps Josie in an investigation that will test her loyalty to her mother and everyone else she’s ever known.

Will Josie escape the Big Easy, or will truth and temptation keep her in New Orleans forever? Want to find out? Today is your lucky day, because Figment is giving away 10 copies of Out of the Easy AND Ruta Sepetys’s spectacular debut novel, Between Shades of Gray.

How to Enter the Sweepstakes

Just fill out the form below! You have until Tuesday, February 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET to enter. Ten winners will be randomly selected to receive copies of Out of the Easy and Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. You can read the full sweepstakes rules here.

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If you’re a high-school senior, don’t forget to check out Penguin’s Out of the Easy scholarship contest!

Out of the Easy Scholarship Contest

One thought on “Win Out of the Easy & Between Shades of Gray!

  1. I was so inspired by the concept and richness of the theme of Out of the Easy. I wantto create in that same tone the vibrancy of New Orleans in that era, I want to travel back in time and relive those golden years. This work is a great foundation of the beautiful history New Orleans has been withholding among its many avenues and landmarks, we must dig into its archives and catacombs to find where “x” marks the spot.

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