What Do Your Dreams Mean? Take the Hysteria Quiz!

Do you dream of falling? Of getting lost in a strange city? Of meeting the president? What do your dreams mean? Take our quiz to find out!


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35 thoughts on “What Do Your Dreams Mean? Take the Hysteria Quiz!

  1. Not all of the questions in ur quiz applied. however, i have watched over my dreams throughout my life and am pretty good at interpreting others dreams meanings.

  2. The options didn’t fit my dreams, because I either die in my dreams (and no, I have never died in real life because of my dreams :)) or they are incredibly strange and don’t make any sense whatsoever.

    • That’s me exactly!!!! FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE!!!! XD And usually I die or save the world…. *sighs* or die trying to save the world… XD Or I’m assassinated :3 And then… there’s just…. the strange ones. XD

      • I had a dream once where I was at my school practising to sing for assembly and someone said “And the special guest is…” and a random boy in my Maths class came in and my boyfriend was like, what? and then I woke up.
        That’s a strange one for me. I usually see people dying.

    • The most greatest dreams I had were nightmares. I had one were I was being chased by a demon/monster. In short, it ended with getting killed by the demon.

      • “…The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had…”

        Most of these comments are reminding me of that line from “Mad World.”

    • I know right! Half the time mine have nothing normal in them whatsoever… One time I was feeding giant hamsters cheese o.0

      • I never have normal dreams. Once I was dreaming that I was a Hogwarts, only someone had messed up the gravity so we kept sliding everywhere. Then the antagonist from my writing came and tried to teach me how to play string bass.

        In another, I was running around the streets of St. Louis at night (And I’ve only been to St. Louis twice) and I came to a bunch of little kids playing in the empty street. One of them fell over and started crying. Then the kid’s mother came outside and blamed me, saying I had hurt her child, and demanded that I go downtown and buy her chocolates as payment.

  3. I kept choosing thing UNRELATED to dates because I never have or will and then it tells me I dream of love! Seriously, if you want to know the truth, I once dreamt I was this ballerina, with the tutu, hairstyle, and shoes. And then I kept spinning and spinning and spinning until I was going so face I was this blur of color. Then I went down a bit till I was almost lying down on the floor, I was turning around with the main point my feet and I was still spinning around myself. I woke up and I was like:

    “What the heck?”

    and before you ‘interpret’ or ‘make clear’ with your mystical voodoo stuff, no, I never wanted to be a ballerina.

  4. Stressed!
    It might be time to take a yoga class or practice some meditation exercises. You are so stressed out. And your stress dreams are affecting your daily life.

    Eh. Sort of figures. Haha 🙂

  5. Does anyone else have – like- inception dreams. Where they wake up from a nightmare In the dream and then they think they’re awake but then the same/different murder/huge problem appears and it’s real and you’re almost a hundred percent sure your awake but your not? And then for half of the day following the dream you can’t decide whether you’re dreaming or not?

  6. I’m in love, it says. Yes! Believe it or not, I’m dating someone! Ta-daa! This quiz was kinda limited in options, but I liked the concept…

  7. What is it with Figment and giving us quizzes that have such limited, unhelpful options? I can’t even take my results partially seriously or even under consideration because 90% of the options had nothing to do with any of my dreams… ever. I wish they posted more accurate quizzes, even if that meant a longer quiz. I would be willing to give a couple extra minutes for something worth thinking about.

  8. My last dream I was in this like, ornate hotel thing. I forget what exactly was going on, but I think I was running from someone and there were a bunch of people running from someone else. And they were all jumping out windows. There was one row of open windows, but I couldn’t jump out that way because the group of people would have turned me over to the person who was chasing me. One guy tried to jump out a different window and ran right into it and bounced back to the ground. So I ran toward it, extending my foot forward, ready to kick it in, and just when the glass would have shattered (or not)..

    I woke up.

  9. It says that I’m in love and that my romantic dreams make my days great…. yeah, last week i dreamed that me and the person I had a crush on were in a relationship, and it made me depressed for about three days.

  10. This one time I had a dream where I met up with Liam and Niall from One Direction and we were on this TV show but I didn’t know that until a bit into the dream. Anyways, I kept wanting to ask them for a hug but was too nervous. We were just hanging out. At the end of the dream I think I asked them but I can’t remember if I got a hug.

  11. When I stay up really late reading or watching a movie, my dreams tend to have stuff from that story/stories in it. One of the most memorable was a cross between the book the Black Prism and the movie Total Recal. It makes me wonder what that says about the state of my subconscious mind…

    • The same thing happens to me sometimes. I once had a dream that took place in a parking lot near my house but had a plot similar to The Vampire Academy series.

  12. Change. This is actually really accurate. Particularly the part about ‘Maybe your life is a little dull.’

  13. Once I dreamt that I was on Wolf Watch with Dylan Sprayberry and apparently we had like a thing on Teen Wolf because the host lady was like “so do you have feelings fur each other off set?” And I wasn’t really thinking so I just blurted out “no my heart belongs to Chandler Riggs” and then I blushed because I’d never even met Chandler and Dylan and the host were laughing at me and I was like “holy shit did I just say that? Can we cut that?” But they couldn’t because it was live and I was so afraid that I creeped out Chandler and when I woke up I was like “what the hell??”

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