Vampire Diaries Recap: Into the Wild

Vampire Diaries Recap

My girl is back! My girl is back! My girl is back!

That’s right everyone, Caroline has returned! Only to like . . . almost die. How great was it that she wanted to clean up first things first? Never change, Caroline, never change.

But, to be fair, this storyline wasn’t the main push of the episode so I’m going to get it out of the way first. Basically, Tyler goes to the Gilbert home to taunt a trapped Klaus. Klaus proposes that if he takes the cure, maybe his entire sire line will be cured too (I was talking to one of my colleagues about this last week, so I’m glad they brought it up).

Then Caroline comes and starts berating Klaus, only to get too close to his trap. He stabs her and pulls her in, biting her. I feel like, if these walls work where he can’t reach out to grab someone, then they also shouldn’t be able to be pulled in, but it is what it is. Anyway, the whole episode you think Caroline is going to die because she needs to drink Klaus’ blood to be saved and he is not willing to give it. She makes faces like this (which break my heart):

Vampire Diaries Recap

But then in the end Tyler leaves Caroline with Klaus so that Klaus will have to watch her die. Caroline tells Klaus that she knows he has some humanity in him and that he loves her. She tells him if a person has the capacity to love then they can be saved. And then he saves her, because he’s in love with her, obviously.

Ok fine, so on to the real story in Nova Scotia.  CAN I GET AN EXPOSITION FROM THE CROWD? I SAY ‘EXPO’ YOU SAY ‘SITION!’

Vampire Diaries Recap

We begin the episode with a flashback to Shane dramatically entering a cave. In present day, there’s a lot of hiking, Shane ridiculously offers Damon some sunscreen, Bonnie takes gratuitous shots of a shirtless Jeremy, and Rebekah and Elena are NOT friends. (see: Elena trying to stake Rebekah literally instantly).

Vampire Diaries Recap

Elena asks Damon if he’ll take the cure when they find it, but he evades her question.

Jeremy asks Shane (look, there’s a lot of talking this episode) what his purpose is there. Shane instead tells him what his purpose in life is, I guess, because he’s still kind of mysterious. Apparently, Qetsiyah wanted Silas to take the cure he was buried with, but he never did (something I’ve wondered on here before).  So she was super annoyed (cause like, for real, she could just not get this guy to like her) so her descendants created hunters to kill him.

I heard on a podcast once that a good way to break up boring explanatory scenes is just to have people constantly doing something. Well, seeing everyone wearing winter garb and hiking definitely worked in this episode. Also, who didn’t love Rebekah saying Damon had a nice bum and Stefan laughing?

Vampire Diaries Recap

Professor Shane explained that there was a well where a bunch of miners bled themselves dry. One drop of blood could give you a vision of a loved one, so they went mad trying to see their lost wives or family members for a little longer. Given this show’s fascination with blood, I sort of love this “well” story.

Flashback to Shane cutting his hand, going down the well, and seeing his wife.

In present day, the gang makes a point of saying that everyone should stay together only for Jeremy to INSTANTLY say he doesn’t have any water and hang back. So, of course, someone tries to attack him (I’m going to assume this someone is supposed to be a native Nova-Scotian). Another mysterious person throws a hatchet into this native Nova-Scotian’s back (seriously, we hardly knew ye, not even long enough for me to think of what to appropriately call you). Who’s the hatchet thrower? We’ll find out soon enough.

The gang finds a place to camp for the night. Rebekah grabs Stefan’s arm and tells him she’s scared. Girl, we all know that trick. You’re straight up immortal! She asks Stefan if he’ll take the cure to grow old with Elena. He says if he takes it he’s doing it for himself.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Meanwhile, Shane admits to Bonnie that his wife was a witch to, that’s how he knows so much about magic. His wife died trying to bring their son back to life. She couldn’t control her magic, but on the up side Shane had learned from her mistakes when he taught Bonnie. Writing tip: If you want a character to seem credible/like he’s a real human being talking, never ever have him say “on the upside.”

We flashback to Shane talking to his wife again. He apologizes for letting her get out of hand with her magic. She says that there’s a witch named Silas who can help them all and that he needs to be set free. I’m pretty sure they’ve been using “he” pronouns, but how sweet would it be if Silas were a lady? IT COULD HAPPEN RIGHT?

Someone grabs Jeremy in the night (buddy systems: they’re not foolproof). When everyone finds out that Jeremy’s gone they decide to split up to go find him. But what that actually means is Bonnie is going to stay and try to use a locator spell, Damon and Shane have to stay and stare aggressively at each other, and only Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena can go look for Jeremy.

Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena have no luck finding Jeremy, but Rebekah does end up saving Elena from a trap. So it’s . . . not like the time she killed Elena.

Bonnie’s locator spell sets a trail of fire that she follows. At this point I wrote: EVERYONE’S JUST GETTING LOST NOW  in my notes. You know who wouldn’t have let this happen: Caroline.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Damon finds Shane with a phone (a phone Shane earlier said didn’t work) and gets suspicious. He starts to torture Shane. We flashback again to Shane’s wife explaining that he needs to help orchestrate three massacres to raise Silas. Shane tells her he’s too gentle to do that and she’s all “Just get someone else to do it” and he’s all “Done.” I think this backstory actually really does explain why Shane is so obsessed with Silas in a way that is pretty interesting. However, once again, we’ve got a slippery morality system here!

But what about the third massacre, Damon asks. Ummmmmmmmmm Shanes says for a really long time. Just kidding, I’m paraphrasing.

Damon is done with Shane and about to kill him. Shane says he can’t die, because he’s in charge of keeping Bonnie safe. But Damon, like oh so many viewers, does not care about Bonnie so he goes to snap Shane’s neck. In swoops Elena.

Elena and Damon discuss “the cure” and ‘what it means for their relationship’ and arrive at the fact that Damon maybe hasn’t changed that much after all. Guys, confession, I read the Vampire Diaries book plots on wiki and now I kind of just want to talk about them with you. But I won’t, because I respect spoilers. Anyway, Elena tells Damon her love for him won’t go away and then makes the big gesture and asks him to take the cure with her. And because he is a ridiculous person (OK, pained, lonely, hurting person), he says that he can’t see himself being human and doesn’t want to take the cure. “It’s not me, Elena. It’s Stefan.” GAHHHHH!!! Damon runs off.

In the-gang-really-didn’t-keep-their-heads-in-the-game-and-now-it’s-Team-Shane-running-this-show news, Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena realize they have legit lost every one else and the tombstone, so they basically have nothing. Elena offers Rebekah the stake as an olive branch . . . they’ve got to work together now.

Cut to deep in the woods, a man pulls Jeremy up to Shane in chains. Bonnie is there too, she followed the locator spell but can’t get back (Shane made sure of that). Shane introduces the man as a witch. Um, so why did they need Bonnie?

At the very end, Damon is walking, brooding, alone in the woods and gets hit by an arrow. It’s: another hunter. He: breaks Damon’s neck. I: am misusing colons because it’s late.

What did we think? Did Damon’s move seem uncharacteristic (everyone hates being a vampire, right?)? Can we ever forgive Klaus? Is Shane Silas/is Silas a lady? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Recap: Into the Wild

  1. They needed Bonnie because she’s a descendant of a witch whose bloodline they need for the ritual. I don’t think Damon would know how to identify himself as a human. I think he’s being extra Damon-like right now because he doesn’t want to get his hopes up about Elena still loving him after the sire bond is broken. I’m so over their relationship. Elena is even more annoying with him than ever before…which is saying quite a bit. Yay for Caroline being back! The scene with Klaus saving her was epic. I love his character growth. Team Klaroline! Silas, a woman? I could see it. We could use a badass woman on the scene.

  2. I’m really upset about the whole scene with Elena and Damon. Damon is my favorite character in the series, but he’s constantly shooting himself in the foot. He cannot, for the life of him, allow himself to be happy. It drives me nuts! I want him and Elena to end up together, but I know it’s inevitable that they won’t. Elena and Stefan were together from the start. I’m sure the series will end with them together. I haven’t read the books, but now I sort of want to, just to find out how all these relationships sort. It’s a VERY tangled web, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Great recap! I watched the show online Friday, but I found myself wanting to read your summary because it’s so entertaining.

  3. Do you know what I think? (well of course you don’t. Not unless you’re phsycic or telepathic, and you’re not. Go ahead; prove me wrong!)

    I think that Silas is inside Shane’s body. (you know that thing that they kind of over used with Klaus? Yeah, that.)

    But I think that’s what’s going on with Mr. Creepy. He needs to open up the tomb to get his body back so he can get back in his own skin. He needs two witches because one needs to open up the tomb and the other needs to put himself back inside his original body.

    I’m not really sure how this completely fits with Shane’s whole bringing back his family thing…. wait! WAIT! the witch he loved died and his wife that he talked to was a witch.

    Sooooo what if he wants to bring back his witchy love? Did he have a kid with her? Is he promising Shane something for using his body?…

    Or am I completely wrong? Hmmm… well if I’m right, I’m claiming that I figured it out before hand!

    And if I end up to be wrong then at least I tried, right? 🙂

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