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Witch & Wizard: The Kiss by James PattersonWhen Wisty meets Heath, she is left utterly speechless. Heath is confident and gorgeous. There’s only one small problem: He’s a former member of the New Order Youth, a group that supported the evil dictator who Wisty and her brother Whit just destroyed. Whit doesn’t believe Heath’s story of reformation, and definitely does not approve of Wisty and Heath’s budding romance.

Wisty and Heath aren’t the first couple to be forced to hide their love. Inspired by The Kiss, the newest book in the James Patterson’s #1 bestselling Witch & Wizard series, we’re counting down our favorite forbidden romances. Check out our top 10 picks below, and be sure to vote for your favorite couple!

delirium coverLena and Alex from Delirium

So, technically, all romance is forbidden in the world of Delirium, but that doesn’t make Lena and Alex’s secret love any less thrilling. They spend the summer lounging around abandoned houses, but when it comes time for Lena to be cured (more like lobotomized), they risk everything and make a run for the Wilds. We won’t ruin the ending, but . . . wow.



romeo and julietRomeo and Juliet from
Romeo and Juliet

Classic. This list wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate star-cross’d lovers. Yes, Juliet is fourteen. And yes, Romeo falls in love faster than we can find our phone when it’s on silent. But their love is Capital-F-Forbidden, and they—spoiler alert—LITERALLY DIE because they can’t be together. Or because they didn’t have email. Jury’s still out on that one.


the hunger games companion bookKatniss and Peeta from
The Hunger Games

To be clear: Katniss and Peeta are supposed to kill each other. Their love is forbidden by the government, but accepted because it makes good TV. Sure, Katniss might not be in love when she saves both of their lives, but she does fall for Peeta eventually. Even though by the time she does, he’s been poisoned and is determined to kill her.


Jack and Rose from Titanic

He was a gutter-rat; she had a blue diamond bigger than her face. What more can we say? Jack and Rose are from different worlds, so their love might not have lasted even if the ship didn’t sink (that door could have fit two people). But near, far, where ever we are, we’ll always remember their brief love affair.



city of bonesJace and Clary from
The Mortal Instruments

At first, Jace and Clary can’t even be friends because Jace is a Shadowhunter (a demon killer) and Clary is a mundane (not a demon killer). But then Clary discovers that she’s also a Shadowhunter—and Jace’s sister. After that bombshell, they both spend a lot of time thinking about each other, kissing other people, and almost (or in Jace’s case actually) dying. Nothing is more forbidden than dating your sibling.


wuthering heights coverCatherine and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights

Catherine and Heathcliff spend the pretty much entirety of Wuthering Heights talking about how much they love each other, but they both marry different people. And have kids with other people. Then Heathcliff tries to make sure Catherine’s daughter falls in love with his son, but even the second generation is doomed. At least Catherine and Heathcliff get to be buried next to each other?


Downton Abbey PosterSybil and Branson from
Downton Abbey

In Downton Abbey, the upstairs and downstairs don’t mix—but the romance between Sybil and Branson crosses the barrier between the house and the garage. Sybil’s blossoming feminist ideals lead her straight into the arms of Irish-revolutionary-turner-chauffer, Branson. They’re a couple without a home, begrudgingly tolerated by the Crawley family, but they’re so in love, it doesn’t matter.


 The Doctor and Rose from
Doctor Who

There is no couple that is shipped harder than The Doctor and Rose Tyler. He’s a 900-year-old Time Lord and she’s, well, human. They fall in love and it’s beautiful and we’re all so happy. But then, they end up in different universes and can never be together. The Doctor does burn up a sun to say good-bye, though. And Rose ends up with a sort-of-clone-thing of The Doctor.


The_Iron_King_Cover Meghan and Ash from
The Iron Fey

Summer and Winter faeries aren’t supposed to date; their lives are just too different. But Ash (a winter faerie) and Meghan (part human, part summer faerie) can’t deny their chemistry. Things get complicated when Ash betrays Meghan, leaving her a prisoner of the Winter faerie queen. And then there’s a little love-triangle action going on between Meghan and her best friend, Puck. Like we said, it’s complicated.


The Vampire Diaries Stefan and Elena from
The Vampire Diaries

The vampire-human love connection may be a little overdone *coughTwilightcough* but we’re rooting for Stefan and Elena. Fondly known as “Stelena,” their romance is constantly tested, and it doesn’t help that Stefan’s (super attractive) brother is also in love with Elena. Sure, Elena’s a vampire now, but she’s also maybe in love with Damon. Talk about taboo.



Which forbidden romance is your favorite? Vote now!


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40 thoughts on “Vote Now! Our Favorite Forbidden Romances

      • I think it’s because Jack and Rose isn’t really a hearbreaking romance. Sure, it’s forbidden, but the Doctor and her had such a strong connection, it was hard not to cry when they said goodbye for good. I think that nobody thinks of Jack and Rose as a couple, just friends. The Doctor and her had such a thing going. And Jace and Clary is a forbidden romance, considering she’s mundane and he’s not. I am not saying your opinion doesn’t matter, but this is mine.

        • Wrong Jack and Rose, idjit 😀

          We’re talking Titanic here, not Doctor Who. I’m pretty sure the Doctor would not hesitate to throw Jack Harkness into the nearest supernova should he even consider dating Rose. They already have a ship for DW (Doctor/Rose)-go vote there.

          Titanic, on the other hand, is very tragic and I’m rather surprised it didn’t get more votes. Come on people! Different-social-classes romance with a horribly tragic death! What more could you ask for?

  1. Jace and Clary or Ash and Meghan… x.x x.x x.x Ash and Meghan only because of the summer/winter thing, since Jace and Clary was only really forbidden with the whole brother/sister thing which wasn’t actually true.

  2. Okay. I think what it said about The Mortal Instruments was horrible! I have never read the books, but plan to and now I know beforehand that Clary is actually a Shadowhunter, that they’re siblings, and that Jace dies. Umm, spoiler alert much? Please do not give spoiler, Figment. Not everybody has read those books.

    ~Kyla Marie Rich : )

  3. Also, The Vampire Diaries bit is HORRIBLE! Some of us have it TiVoed from two seasons ago until now and the bit about Elena being a vampire is something unknown to some. Figment, why must you give us spoilers?
    It’s not right.
    ~Kyla Marie Rich : )

  4. The doctor and rose were the only ones I was remotely appreciative of. The rest I either thought were idiotic, had little interest in, or had never heard of, basically, what Tiny1 said.

  5. As much as I love the Doctor and Rose, I don’t think that their love quite qualifies as forbidden. Sybil and Tom, however, embody their archetype.

    Just as a quick aside, when I read “Jack and Rose,” I think of Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler, so I was really confused when they weren’t on the list! 😉

  6. Sybil and Branson sound like cool characters, but I’ve never read Downtown Abbey, so it’ll have to be Romeo and Juliet or the Doctor and Rose Tyler. I’ll have to agree with Razi Beresin-Scher. Oh, and Kyla Marie Rich has a point: please, please, please stop acting like we’ve all read everything (except, oddly, Delirium) and spoiling major plot points!

  7. Roses are red;
    The TARDIS is blue.
    The Doctor once said:
    “Rose Tyler, I–”

    (credit to whoever came up with this brilliant piece of literature in its original form)

  8. Rose/Doctor, my OTP. Thought they were talking about Jack Harkness though 😀 (Was wondering why DW got two pairings)

    However, their romance isn’t exactly forbidden, it’s not like there is some Time Lord Police to stop them from falling for humans.
    Or if there was, they are all dead anyway, so….

  9. How is this even a competition? Romeo and Juliet=overdone. Jack and Rose? Sad, yes, but the bitch lives! Clace is so annoying, anything keeps them apart. I’m starting to give up on them. Ash and Meghan? Anyone who’s read all the books know the ending. Damon and Elena are the real tragedy! Does anyone even like Stefan against Damon? And if so WHY?

    Hands down, it’s the Doctor and Rose. They don’t get a happily ever after! Even Romeo and Juliet get the afterlife together (for that matter Jack and Rose do, too)

  10. This one hits you where it hurts, but it’s so clever:

    Rose went away
    So the Doctor was blue
    Ask Donna, “Who’s the Doctor?”
    She’ll reply “Doctor who?”
    Sarah Jane and Martha
    And now both the Ponds
    Had their fun with the Doctor
    But now they’re all gone
    So ask me again
    Why the TARDIS is blue
    There’s a sad man inside
    With both hearts torn in two.

    Sigh. . .

  11. I love most of the couples on this list. Especially the Doctor and Rose. But I just had to go with Sybil and Branson on this one. I love them so much. What happened to Sybil this last season left me gutted.

  12. I do not like any of the choices on this poll. For many of them, I haven’t even read the book (Mortal Instruments, for instance). For others, I’m just. NO. Jack and Rose? Romeo and Juliet? The Doctor and Rose? NO.

    So I chose Cathy and Heathcliff, even though they were both horrible people (seriously, people, Heathcliff killed puppies – I’m not making this up); at least their love was moving and intense and seemed real. Whereas, R&J: teenagers. Jack and Rose: teenagers (pretty much). The Doctor and Rose: well, you can have this one if you want; I just don’t like Rose. I don’t even like ten anymore, and I used to be a big fan! But no, I’m over his god-complex and his jerking Martha around and just. Matt Smith is better. THE END

    /FANDOM WANK, SORRY (and more to come, apparently. . . )

    TL;DR: You can call me ageist for dismissing J&R and R&J on the basis of their being teenagers, and sure, a bit, yeah, but really? The main flaw with everyone glorifying their love is not their age, but their complete lack of maturity. While I love Romeo and Juliet as a play (Mercutio is boss, y’all), the two leads are soooooo ridiculous. Just watch the Sassy Gay Friend’s take on it. And Titanic, well. I did not enjoy it. I did not think it was romantic, and it bored me as a film. (But I forgive you, LDiC. You did Inception. And some other things. You may continue to exist. I will allow it.)

    Instead, I nominate all of my OTPs! (And some that are from books/movies/shows/etc that I just really like.)

    We’ve got:
    – Dean Winchester and Castiel, angel of the Lord (SPN: new favorite obsession)
    – Sirius Black and Remus Lupin (canon compliant, b*tches – just try to tell me it’s not)
    – Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens (“making the effort” . . . lol)
    – Marten and Claire from Questionable Content (thanks Jeph Jacques, I love that it hasn’t come up again that Claire is trans because IT DOESN’T MATTER . . . although it’ll probs come up soon, considering yesterday’s installment . . .)
    – the two main characters from “In the Mood for Love” (my favorite film ever, probably)
    – Jim Kirk and the Vulcan Spock (DON’T EVEN GO THERE)
    – Sherlock Holmes and his faithful Dr. John Watson (ALL INCARNATIONS – including James Wilson and Gregory House)
    – huh, I guess I don’t really have any Buffyverse OTPs . . . weird
    – Reginald Jeeves and Bertram Wilberforce Wooster
    – Arthur and Eames from Inception (probably)
    – Bruce Banner and Tony Stark (Science Bros foreverrrrrrrrrrr . . . although if you ship Tony/Steve, that is totally not offensive to me; however, I do not enjoy those fics as much, probably because I never read the comics – I know I know! “Heathen!” and all that)
    – Marcelline and Princess Bubblegum (I’D JUST LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY TO TELL ME IT’S NOT CANON)
    – Magneto and Professor X (definitely super ex-boyfriends)
    – Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto (lol, no, not for real)

    . . . Yes, yes, I know that not all of these are actually Forbidden Loves (although almost all of them are gay, which for some people is totes verboten . . . and then there’s the whole “Angels of the Lord don’t have sex because Lust is a Sin” thing – goes for Aziraphale too I guess), but hey, neither is that of the Doctor and Rose! There was absolutely no reason they couldn’t have gotten it on aside from the Doctor’s hangups. And then maybe Rose wouldn’t have had to be exiled from his universe forever! WHO KNOWS.

    All that said, I actually don’t care who you ship as long as you don’t hate on my ships. My main beef with this poll is that it’s not very diverse and that its view of Epic Love is a little, ah, silly, for my taste. But if you’re gonna go the Young Adult route (and hey, I am a total fan of YA), I would pick either Kami/Jared, Angela/Holly, or Rusty/anyone from Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken. But that probably hadn’t come out yet by the time of this poll?

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