Geeky Valentines

Have a special someone in your life? Don’t have the words to say what you feel? Be your love a Caster or Timelord or ordinary human, we have the Valentine eCards for you and yours! Save them to your computer or send them to friends!

harry potter ecard

doctor who ecard

pride and prejudice ecard

Sherlock ecard

Beautiful Creatures ecard

28 thoughts on “Geeky Valentines

  1. Figment, I loved you a ton before, but I love you even more now. And I didn’t even think that was possible.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! (And please post this on Tumblr, because I’d love to reblog it…)

  2. i would love to print these out and give them to people on my floor, but i know that most of them probably wouldn’t get the references. :(

    Happy [almost] Valentine’s day, though!

      • Yeah, Beautifull Creatures is wonderful. I’m not a paranormal romance fan AT ALL, but it’s truly a gem surrounded by a billion other series of its genre. It’s going to sound extremely uninteresting when I describe it this way, but it’s about a Caster (a sort of witch creature) who’s got a certain number of days before she has to choose whether to be claimed for the Light or the Dark. It’s fantastic, I would read it. :)

  3. It’s not the fact that he’s YOUlocked. It’s that face that he’s making as he says it as if, “You question me?” And then there’s the Voldemort smile. And then you’re all “OHGOODLORDWHYWOULDYOUDOTHATROSE!ROOOOOSE!”

  4. Why do I suddenly want to change my plans and actually give out valentines this year?
    Oh yeah.
    Voldemort’s face and Doctor Who feels.

  5. Figment, if it’s my last chance to say it, I l-
    Oh, that’s just wrong.
    *Goes and eats chocolate and cries over Doomsday*

    The P&P one killed me, I cracked up. Pay someone to marry your younger sister…. 😀

  6. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!

    Gotta love a Voldemort with kisses in the background.

    And a very weirdly lovable Mr. Darcy.

    And a *chicken* named Dr. Who.

    And, of course, who can NOT love Sherlock Holmes pick-up lines?


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