Nerd Crush Showdown: Round 3

nerd crush round 3

You cast your vote and said goodbye to Paul Rudd (sob!) and Jon Stewart (no!) and we’ve narrowed down the list of boys from sixteen to four. Now it’s up to determine who should go to the final round. Vote now!

Round Three!



The Doctor versus Ron Weasley

Doctor versus Ron Weasley

Ron has magic potions and spells at his fingertips. The Doctor has a TARDIS and Sonic Screwdriver. Which power is more powerful? Which lopsided grin is more lopsawesome?


Heathcliff versus Sherlock

Heathcliff versus Sherlock

Trying to pick whether Heathcliff or Sherlock broods harder is like trying to figure out the difference between yellow-green and green-yellow. THEY’RE THE SAME, CRAYOLA.

Who do you love most, nerds? Vote now! Click anywhere on the bracket to start voting. You can vote on Round Three until 11:59 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 13. We’ll announce the bracket for the Final Round at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. (You can only vote for each round once.) We’ll be announcing the winner of our Nerd Crush showdown on Valentine’s Day.

54 thoughts on “Nerd Crush Showdown: Round 3

  1. It’s definitely The Doctor, no doubt 🙂 <3
    However, I would pick Sherlock, somewhat because I've never heard of Heathcliff until today.

    • Heathcliff is from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Basically he was adopted at a youngish age by Cathrine’s father, as they get older they fall deeply in love but everyone forbids or looks down on it because of Heathcliff’s bloodline. He is a very intense caracter.

      • *spoilers* Then Heathcliff decides to get rich so that he can marry Catherine, but while he’s gone Catherine marries someone else even though she’s secretly still in love with Heathcliff. When Heathcliff returns go all crazy and starts trying to take revenge.

        I know it’s a classic but wuthering heights was just not my thing. I mean, there’s angst and then there’s Heathcliff…

  2. The Doctor or Ron? Are you insisting I choose?
    …The Doctor, I guess. Only because bowties are cool.

    And definitely Sherlock.

  3. i love sherlock more than anyone could possibly know, but i am seriously nursing a huge nerd crush for the impossibly moody heathcliff.

    also it is an absolute crime to have never read wuthering heights – bronte is always going to be a timeless classic. i demand you go read it. NOW.

    • It baffles me that people don’t know Heathcliff. I thought he was insanely famous in the Literature world, even to those who haven’t read the book. Or, you know, seen one of the adaptations, of which I assume there are many.

  4. SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHERLOCK!!!!!!!! SHERLOCK!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!!!!!!!!!

    And I would say the Doctor. Because he’s epic 😉

    • WHY DID I NOT NOTICE THIS???!!! There must be something terribly, terribly wrong with me.

      Or something terribly wrong with Figment for forgetting him…

      But then there would’ve been a chance I would’ve had to choose between Mr Rochester and Sherlock!! I might have had to have picked Mr Rochester… But Sherlock! D:

  5. I have no idea how Heathcliff managed to last longer than Mr. Darcy – considering he’s a barbaric selfish vindictive prick.

  6. Doctor and Sherlock. And o anyone wondering, I’m pretty sure Heathcliff is from the book Wuthering Heights

  7. We NEED a final Dr.Who vs. Sherlock for the final round. It will be the ultimate battle between the Whovians and the Sherlockians.

    • But I know a lot of people, like my friends, are both. HOW WILL THEY COPE???

      Me? It’s easy. I don’t watch Dr Who.

      Even if I did… <3 Sherlock [/Benedict Cumberbatch]…

  8. This is so sad, but I have to say THE DOCTOR!
    Also, I’d have to go with Sherlock.

    But, seriously? The Doctor vs. Ron Weasley?
    Heathcliff vs. Sherlock?
    This Valentine’s Day, you really want to make us cry don’t you?

  9. Oh god, Heathcliff is SUCH a jerk. Just not a nice character in the least, no redeeming qualities for me. Just… No. Not happening. Cucumberp-I mean Sherlock wins, hands down. For me at least.


  10. Because we all know who is going to get into the finals:

    “I think Sherlock is more flawed than the Doctor, in that he’s chasing a delusion, I suppose. The remark I always make is that the Doctor is like an angel aspiring to be human, and Sherlock is a man aspiring to be a god. Neither of them come close to succeeding in that aim, or ever could. It’d be impossible for them.” ~Steven Moffat.

  11. I love the show Sherlock, but I am not at all attracted to Sherlock himself.
    The Doctor, on the other hand…
    And Matt Smith himself. And David Tennant himself. Oh, yes.

  12. Sherlock, of course (seeing as John Watson isn’t an option)!

    … For the record, Watson’s better. XD As awesome as Sherlock may be, Watson will always be my favorite.

  13. Does anyone else find it hilarious that we quickly voted out anyone that was actually real? Can you tell it’s a group of readers running this contest?

  14. The Doctor vs Ron? Seriously, you want me to choose? But, but… No!
    So two Moffat characters going head-to-head? That’ll be interesting…

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