Modern Family Recap: Heart Broken

This week onĀ Modern Family‘s Valentine’s Day episode: Claire faints; Gloria and Jay just want to get freaky; and Mitchell and Cam deal with the repercussions of a wild Single Hearts’ Party.

The episode opens with the now familiar “Phil and Claire Role Play” scene. Clive Bigsby (Phil) is in top form with the sexy pickup lines, and Juliana (Claire) is excited to embark on the romantic adventures Clive has in store for them. But then Claire faints. WHAT was that? Turns out Claire has a hereditary heart condition that’s not a big deal, but she and Phil have to fight about whether or not Phil should be telling everyone. Phil argues he has the right to worry about her, and she ultimately accepts his worry as a sign of love. It was scary for me to realize that even young and spry Claire is susceptible to potentially major health issues. I thought the show handled the concept well, introducing something serious to viewers but maintaining its comedic integrity throughout. This was largely helped by Phil trying to prove to Claire’s doctor that his sexiness was what caused her to faint.

Claire’s heart problems cause a chain reaction, and now they can’t babysit for anyone else’s kids. Gloria and Jay are forced to take on Lily in addition to baby Joe, though they’ve been looking forward to some privacy for a long time. We got our first explicit glimpse into why Gloria is really attracted to Jay: he’s handy, cares about children and yells on the phone. It didn’t really feel plausible to me, but at least we’re done with the wink-wink-golddigger thing. Thank goodness they kept getting interrupted before they could get down to getting down; I find their physical interactions hard to stomach. Shallow but true. Their main roadblock occurred when Manny revealed that a “secret admirer” had invited him to a party with cool kids. He was to wear a hat with a feather (MANNY: I was like, which one?) and bring his poetry. Upon hearing this, Jay is convinced Manny’s being pranked, and he almost follows Manny to the party. Gloria convinces Jay that sometimes you have to let your kids make their own mistakes, and Jay ultimately does nothing. Turns out, Manny DID have a secret admirer, and he had a wonderful night of poetry and dancing. I hope we hear more about his relationship with this fashionable, literate woman in the future.

And finally, Mitchell and Cam threw a rager (?!) of a Single Hearts’ Party. Mitchell, worried that Cam thinks he’s no fun, gets too drunk and does things he later regrets. For instance, they wake up in the morning, and the cat has been dyed pink. Also, the neighbors’ Christmas decoration reindeer are now in Cam/Mitchell’s living room. Also, Dylan has been invited to move in with them.

OHHHHH no. Those writers really had me going there for a while – can you imagine the comedic possibilities of slacker/slob Dylan living with uptight/catty Cam and Mitchell? Kinda genius. Cam and Mitchell spend most of the episode debating how to tell Dylan he can’t actually live there, but Dylan just keeps inadvertently playing up his desperation while serving as the ideal houseguest. He even sings a hilariously heartfelt song (that was actually quite catchy). Cam and Mitchell are spared, however, when Lily bluntly chatises Dylan: “You can’t live here! You’re a big boy. It’s weird.” Dylan agrees, and the whole awkward situation is resolved quite quickly. Too bad.

Cam and Mitchell then decide to have “upper-middle ground” fun (not quite as crazy as Mitchell’s previous night, but still exciting), and we get to see a short clip of them dressed up as Clive Bigsby-esque characters at the same bar where we saw Claire and Phil at the beginning of the episode. posted this photo:

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