Oddball Love Songs: A Figment Valentine’s Day Playlist

Figment's Playlist

Happy Valentine’s Day, Figs!

Whether you’re celebrating this heart-shaped holiday with your true love, your best friends, or your fellow Figs, we’ve got a playlist of some of our favorite songs, just for you! (Click on the link to listen to the song, or check out the entire playlist below.)



Oddball Love Songs

1. Biz Markie – “Just A Friend”
Because you 900% cannot keep yourself from dancing like an idiot to this song. And dancing like an idiot is a good thing whether or not you have a Valentine.

2. Ray LaMontagne – “Meg White”
Ray LaMontagne has a crush on the drummer of The White Stripes. It’s an absurd song, but we can totally relate to being SO SURE that you would get along really well with a celebrity.

3. The Smiths – “Cemetary Gates”
Who wouldn’t want to go on date in a cemetery and fight over who’s better, Keats, Yates or Oscar Wilde? A love song for the literary minded and the slightly morbid.

4. The Darkness – “I Believe In A Thing Called Love”
Nothing says love like glamrock and falsetto. Nothing.

5. The Magnetic Fields – “The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side”
The sweetest, candy-striped love song, from the mopiest guy in all of pop music.

6. Regina Spektor – “Samson”
A toxic, biblical love story moved to what we can only imagine is a Brooklyn brownstone. How . . . sweet?

7. The Tallest Man On Earth – “The Gardener”
Sure, he’s singing about killing off all of your other potential suitors, but it’s just because he loves you so much!

8. Lyle Lovett – “Penguins”
“Penguins are so sensitive to my needs.” Best. Love lyric. Ever.

9. Family Force 5 – “Love Addict”
It’s a screaming, loud, angry, raging anthem—about the sweetest sentiment ever!

10. Rhett Miller – “Four-Eyed Girl”
He’s a rock-&-roller, she’s a science teacher. He’s in love with her and she doesn’t realize it. One of the best songs ever about girls with glasses and the cute rockers that love them.

11. The Avett Brothers – “One Line Wonder”
The singer loves you, but he can’t remember why. This song is sweet, funny, and all about breaking up with someone who you still think is great even if they’re not yours anymore.

12. Fruit Bats – “Dolly”
We love that this song is all about how much Dolly’s current boyfriend loves her—and that’s EXACTLY why she should break up with him and run off with the singer instead.

13. The Postal Service – “Brand New Colony”
Ben Gibbard wants to be this girl’s platform shoes and her phonograph and her winter coat—just so he can be close to her. It’s totally sweet, if not a little obsessive.



Cassette photo by Tyler White.

2 thoughts on “Oddball Love Songs: A Figment Valentine’s Day Playlist

  1. You forgot about “Sunburnt Hand” by Danny Tieger.
    Adorable and weird.
    “The crabs will arrive and they’ll pick at your face
    but I’ll whistle so they’ll pick at mine in your place…”

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