Vampire Diaries Recap: Down the Rabbit Hole

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . Ok let’s get started. Was anyone else really emotional at this episode? Like, maybe because it’s Valentine’s Day or because I saw Caroline crying or because I died at THAT ENDING, but something was getting me all sniffly tonight.

Vampire Diaries Recap“Your friends think you’re funny, Damon?” Hunter Vaughn asks his prisoner Damon (the episode’s writer, Jose Molina, tweeted that Vaughn is Scottish which is great because I definitely had no idea what his accent was). Even though he’s tied up, and Vaughn has told Damon he knows all about him and his friends, Damon’s giving his usual sass. That is, until Vaughn pokes him in the neck. This hunter does not play around.

Elena calls Caroline to fill her in on what went down (i.e. Team Good Guys playing three members short). Elena needs Caroline to get the sword from Klaus and translate Jeremy’s tattoo-map (Don’t even worry about it, Elena can just e-mail Caroline the pictures. Now who is glad that Bonnie took all those shirtless photos of Jeremy?).

Vampire Diaries Recap

On the brink of the well, the witch that captured Jeremy and lured Bonnie is all “I’m out, give me my payment” and Shane hands him the tombstone. It apparently has Silas’s calcified blood on it and is worth a lot in witches’ circles. I only mention this scene, because this is sort of great, right? Shane made a big deal about all these things they needed to do (including a third sacrifice which . . . happened question mark . . . who knows?) and then basically one of the things they needed was just to pay someone off. It’d be like if I said “Ok to write these recaps I need a computer, a television, an entire deep dish sausage pizza, and Michael Trevino sitting next to me.” Side note: The pizza would be to pay Trevino to proofread my article.

At the Gilbert house, Caroline and Tyler find the sword and realize that it’s a cryptex (i.e. a revolving code . . . I guess). Fun fact, when you google “cryptex” it doesn’t really mean what they use it to mean here (because the sword handle doesn’t hold anything in it). Whatever, I’d never have known if I didn’t know how to spell it, I’ll let it slide. Oh, but snaps, they need to know Aramaic to translate the map. Good thing Klaus speaks the language and is being particularly helpful.

Back in Nova Scotia, Vaughn tells Damon that he needs the cure so that he can kill Silas and fulfill the hunter brotherhoods’ purpose. Then, in almost unison with Klaus translating the map from the sword, he reveals that the cure only has one dose. WHICH—Ok let’s break this down—just seems ridiculous? They really could only make one cure? Unlikely. But also in my notes I wrote “HAHAHAHA,” because I’m a mean person alone on Valentine’s Day.

Back descending the well, Bonnie falls and cuts her hand and bleeds way way more than seems normal. REMEMBER THAT!

Caroline calls the beach gang (or as I’ll call them Team-We-Don’t-Respect-The-Buddy-System) to tell Rebekah exactly where to go to find Silas. (Well, email it to her. So why the call?) They’re on speaker for some reason though and Klaus yells to Rebekah that there’s only one cure and she has to get it before everyone else if she wants to take it. This seemed really sweet and beautiful to me that he thought to help his sister. I was kind of weepy about it even. But then I realized he just didn’t want the gang to get the cure and give it to him. DARNIT!

Also, I really like the actor who plays Klaus (Joseph Morgan), but I think this show has done pretty much everything to make it hard to be Team Klaroline. Except, the scene with Klaus telling Caroline that of course she doesn’t want to be human again, she’s awesome and powerful now, was pretty hot.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Team-Buddy-Systems-Are-For-Idiots goes off to find their captured friends. Oh look, they have to jump down a huge cliff. Good thing they’re vampires! Elena goes first and Rebekah holds Stefan back. She tells him there’s only one cure. She asks if he would give it to Elena, even if she (Rebekah) would give it to him. He says yes. Wrong answer. She snaps his neck.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Oh also, Damon and Hunter Vaughn discuss the fact that Hunter Vaughn doesn’t know anything about a hatchet and saving Jeremy’s life the other day. So someone else is on the island.

Bonnie, with the help of Jeremy, conjures up some kind of spell in the well (oh wow, accidental rhyme) and a path opens for the two of them to find Silas. Too bad in the process Shane got trapped under some rock/broke his leg. Oh well, no skin off Bonnie’s back.

Hunter Vaughn and Damon have also gotten under ground at this point and Vaughn is fully going to kill Damon. Too bad, Rebekah shows up just in time to . . . be completely bested by Vaughn too.

On the way to Silas, Bonnie asks Jeremy what every one is thinking: How is it that the two of them got the farthest? She tells him she knows the way and smiles warmly at Grams. Remember, because she was bleeding she can see her dead loved ones! And while this moment feels heartwarming, it doesn’t really seem like the Grams we know. Grams wouldn’t want Bonnie to do expression. And so, Jeremy helps Bonnie realize that it’s just Silas manipulating her (like he’s been manipulating Shane).

Elena and Stefan catch up to Rebekah and Damon only to find that Hunter Vaughn has completely wiped the floor with them. Stefan tells Elena to run and find Jeremy, he’ll help Damon. Cut to one of the greatest commercial cliff-hangers: Elena turns around, says no, and then gets pushed to the ground. Commercial!

At the Gilbert house, Caroline asks Klaus to let Tyler live. He says he can’t do that, but then offers to give Tyler a head start (in so many words). Caroline and Tyler have a goodbye that reminds me that Michael Trevino might be more than just a pretty face. (I mean, a perfect face to be fair.) Caroline wants Tyler to tell her that he’ll move on and live a happy life without her. He tells her that. But in the end what he means is “until we find a way.” Guys, this Valentine’s Day episode for real broke my heart.

Anyway, now on to the killer (OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN) ending. Jeremy and Bonnie find a statue-d Silas. They realize that the cure is in his hands, but there’s no way for them to get to it without feeding him their blood so that he (I’m using male pronouns, but still holding out hope he is a she) will move a little and release his grip on that cure.

Next, Hunter Shaun stabs Bonnie, cuts his hand so that he can wake up Silas (only then to kill him, but still). Jeremy tries to stop him, but obviously Vaughn is going to win in a fight. Except then Elena shows up and pushes Vaughn to the ground. No offense to Elena (I mean, she did help kill an Original), but it didn’t seem like Vaughn could beat all those other vampires and then let her get the best of him.

But wait, Stefan (who also didn’t help a hurt Shane . . . even though Shane’s dead wife hallucination did say that he still did a good job) goes and finds a passed out Elena. He wakes her up and she says, “She’s here.” “Wait who? OH YES! OH YES! OMG YES!” I thought.

That’s right ya’ll, CATHERINE is back. HOOOOORAAY! Except not hooray for what happens. Catherine, tired of Jeremy trying to save Bonnie, grabs Jeremy and feeds his blood to Silas (biting his neck to help the blood drain faster). She gets the cure and leaves.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Jeremy tries to pull himself up. A black hand (which really seems like a person wearing a full-body suit) covers his neck. He moves to get out of the grasp. It almost seems like an accident. Suddenly his neck cracks. He falls to the ground. We’re left with a horrible image. Jeremy lying dead on the ground. Could he be gone forever? What did you guys think? Pretty dark, right? Also, I do not want this for Elena. Whatever my qualms with her, this seems completely unfair.

Vampire Diaries Recap

On a lighter note, I heard there was some nonsense on Glee last night! I love your comments! Keep them coming.

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4 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries Recap: Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. In the beginning of this article you said it was Silas’s calcified blood on the tombstone but it actually was Ketsia’s (however you spell her name-she’s the witch who made the cure) blood. Also, later in the article you said Hunter Shaun instead of Hunter Vaughn. Maybe you do need that deep dish to pay Trevino to proof read your article.

  2. I’ve been busy all week so I just finished watching the episode. Please tell me it’s a new episode this Thursday! What a cliffhanger! I love that Katherine’s back. She’s so much more interesting than Elena. Damon and Rebekkah were exceedingly boring in that episode. It seems like Stefan still loves Elena, which is nice and annoying at the same time. I liked when he was edgy after finding out she slept with Damon. Now he seems to be using the sire bond with Damon to explain away her feelings. I hope the writers keep building Klaus’ character. I like that he’s attempting to redeem himself to earn Caroline’s favor. Whether they wind up together or not, I find it poetic. Thanks for another great recap!

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