Vote Now: Top Six Fictional Boarding Schools

Hysteria by Megan MirandaIn Hysteria by Megan Miranda, Mallory needs to get away. She killed her boyfriend, Brian, and even though everyone knows it was self-defense, the events of that night haunt her. Why can’t she remember all the details? Mallory goes to Monroe, a New Hampshire boarding school—hoping it will be a fresh start. But the past seems to follow her no matter how far she runs.

We might not be fleeing the ghost of our dead boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had grand dreams of packing our bags and starting a new life at an all-kids, all-the-time boarding school. Check out the six best fictional boarding schools and vote for the one you’d most like to be accepted to!

Madeline bookMadeline’s school

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

When we were growing up, we wanted nothing more than to be one of those twelve little girls in two straight lines. Of course, if we had been in school with Madeline, we def would have stolen some of her limelight. That girl was a bit of an attention-grabber. Burst appendix? Likely story . . .



A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

If you are bold, brave, and magically inclined, you would do well at Spence. Is there a risk of death? Yeah. But entering a magical world where you have ultimate control over reality? That’s pretty hard to turn down.


Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters


Do we want to go to Xavier’s or do we really want to have crazy powers? Crazy powers. But if we have to attend school with teachers that look like Hugh Jackman and James Marsden? Ugh. I guess we’ll take one for the team.


St. Trinian’s

St. Trinian’s by Ronald Searle

This all-girl school is a den of gambling, violence, aggression, and illegal activity. The headmistress’s motto?  “In other schools girls are sent out quite unprepared into a merciless world, but when our girls leave here, it is the merciless world which has to be prepared.” Totalsuperhyperultrabadass.


Welton Academy

Dead Poets Society

Growing up, we always thought that college would be filled with the same kind of academic fervor that permeated DPS. Tearing up books, carping some serious diem—we were set. There was fervor, sure, but nothing will dampen ferve like a nice term paper. Still, come midnight before a 20-page paper due date, you will see us standing on our beds, “Oh, Captain, my Captain”-ing like no one’s business.




Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Because if you say you’ve never dreamed of going to Hogwarts, you’re a liar. We’re still hoping the American version sends out acceptance letters a teensy bit after age 11.

Which boarding school would you like to attend? Vote now! Did we forget your favorite? Leave a note in the comments!


77 thoughts on “Vote Now: Top Six Fictional Boarding Schools

  1. I have a theory! All of our Hogwarts acceptance letters got sent to the north pole by accident. The poor penguins are being bombarded by them.

    • I agree with your theory. But mine is about six years late — You don’t think the penguins could send it back to me priority mail, could they?

    • No… It’s defiantly because of Voldie’s spree in The Ministry that erased all of our Muggle born records. They’re still catching up on making amends! We must be patient (well, only sorta, if we revolt they must hurry).

    • Well I’m telling the stupid Ministry to hurry up and find mine! It’s over four years late and I’m getting impatient! I’m missing out!!

  2. No matter what other fictional boarding school crops up, Hogwarts will ALWAYS be No.1 . . .It has a place in my heart like no other place.

  3. You know, I live by the school where they filmed Dead Poets Society. 🙂 It isn’t even a college, it’s a boarding school. Haha.

  4. I would have said Weltons, but it was only the one class that was awesome. The rest of the school was horribly strict and hated artists. So, I’m going with Hogwarts.

  5. What about the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women???? From I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You!

    • OMG, I’m glad they didn’t put St Vladimir’s on the poll. I wouldn’t be able to choose between St. Vladimir’s and Hogwarts.

  6. Ah, you made me choose between the Xavier Institute and Hogwarts! Oh well. I chose well… I’d better get to class, or Wolverine will give me detention.

  7. When I was little, I was so disappointed I didn’t get my Hogwarts acceptance letter, I made up where all the schools were in North America (Wilderness of Quebec, on one of Mexico’s many beaches, American Midwest) and pretended I attended one of them.

    • They should just–and it’s breaking my heart to say this–take out all Harry Potter things from polls. I mean, there’s never any contest whatsoever.

  8. I believe we’re forgetting about Wexford from The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Besides the Ripper murders, it’s a very nice boarding school.

  9. You forgot two of my favorites! How about St. Vladimir’s from Vampire Academy and The Gallhager Academy for Exceptional Young Women from the Gallhager Girls series? They both rock! Oh and the Covenant from the Covenant series. And Hex Hall from the Hex Hall trilogy. And Spence from The Name of The Star series as well. Gah, there are so many amazing fictional boarding schools!

  10. My favourite is Hogwarts, obviously! But, an out there choice (especially considering the series is aimed at boys) but The Higher Institute of Villainous Education (H.I.V.E.) from, obviously, the H.I.V.E. series by Mark Walden, I mean, villain school? Awesome! Also, House of Night.

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