Winners of the Darkest Minds Author Challenge!

The Darkest Minds book coverAlexandra Bracken relied on a pretty awesome playlist while writing The Darkest Minds. She shared her thoughts on soundtracking your novel—and then we challenged you to create your own writing playlist and share a short description of the story it inspires.

You Figs took the challenge to heart and we had more than 100 entries in the playlist contest. We randomly chose four winners, who are featured on the homepage today (Wednesday, February 22). And we wanted to share their playlist below as well.

Congrats to the winners! And thanks to everyone who entered the challenge!

Spark: Soundtrack by Tyanna Snider

MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER novel playlist by Julie Frye

Paternity Playlist by Septima

Bluebird Playlist by Whitney Thompson

*Please note: We tried to include all the songs on each playlist on our Spotify widgets, but if the song was not on Spotify, it was not included.

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