Vampire Diaries Recap: Stand By Me

Oh man was tonight rough, guys! So that we do not feel like the world is a terrible place, let me remind you that TV’s greatest couple (present day, NBC) got married last night. Leslie and Ben tied the knot on Parks and Recreation, and that’s the only way I still feel warm after this so sad Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Diaries Recap

From the point that Jeremy said “And we failed” (talking about getting the cure) in the opening, I knew we were in for trouble. Last week, we were pretty sure Jeremy died. This week, no question.

The episode begins with Elena holding a broken picture of Jeremy and her. Maybe it’s a little bit too on the nose. Still, I got emotional.

Cut to Elena in the cave, desperately holding on to Jeremy and hoping against hope that he will wake up soon. She sees he was wearing his ring and assumes that means everything will be ok.

Stefan calls Damon over to him. He reminds Damon, and the audience (who has not forgotten), that Jeremy was one of the five so the ring wouldn’t work for him. Both don’t really know how to tell Elena (so for most of the episode, they just chose not to). Damon stays to look for Bonnie (and also to avoid a major decision with Elena), Stefan and Elena bring Jeremy home.

Caroline’s at the Gilbert house cleaning up after the mess from Kol (many episodes ago), but when she sees Jeremy’s body she can barely move. Elena says she’ll sit with Jeremy until he wakes up.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Back on the island, Rebekah surprises Damon. When he tells her the news about Jeremy she seems uncharacteristically sad.

At this point in my notes I wrote “Here’s Bonnie,” because I still had the ability to feel joy. Yes, Shane rescued Bonnie, because Silas apparently rescued him (more on this later). Now we’re assuming Silas is definitely a he, because Shane saw him (R.I.P. my theory). He tells Bonnie she’d feel differently about having to complete the third sacrifice of 12 (ok, so it didn’t happen yet) if she knew what happened. He tells her that Silas drained all of Jeremy’s blood (But, also broke his neck, right?) and he died. Bonnie does not take the news well.

Caroline and Stefan discuss what to do about Elena in the kitchen. Stefan says deep down he thinks that Elena knows that Jeremy is gone, but she’s in denial and still hoping. Elena comes in (seriously guys turning on the faucet can only do so much) and says she’s not in denial. Maybe Jeremy was supernatural, but after his tattoo was gone he should go back to being normal. It’s not necessarily the most sound logic, but it also isn’t terrible.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Caroline tries to call Tyler to help her feel better, but he doesn’t answer. She tells Stefan she wants to make plans or casseroles or something. Finally, she decides the best plan is to go get Matt and tell her mom. Suddenly, Stefan and Caroline start to smell something. Jeremy’s body is starting to decompose. It’s a pretty gross idea, but it 1.) Is true to life and 2.) fits in with the visceral nature of this show.

Back on the island, Rebekah has some truth talk for Damon. He shouldn’t be there, he should be helping Elena deal. To this, Damon pushes Rebekah in front of an arrow. Well, really, it’s Hunter Vaughn’s arrow and Damon attacks him. Later in the show we find out that Hunter Vaughn was working with Katherine and also had help from Hailey (Remember her? She was the worst). Rebekah ties Hunter Vaughn in the cave (so, goodbye forever I guess) and leaves him to die. But before she goes, he tells her that she better use the cure to kill Silas, or the whole world is doomed.

Vampire Diaries Recap

Meanwhile, Meredith comes to look at Jeremy’s body. She needs to take it, so that he doesn’t start bloating. Elena is in full denial mode in this scene, telling Meredith that they need to keep watch on Jeremy to make sure that he doesn’t go crazy after coming back to life. When Meredith pushes a little farther, Elena attacks her. She screams that they need to find Bonnie. Luckily, Matt comes in just in time. Elena runs to him and tells him not to worry, Bonnie will be there soon.

My one gripe this episode is about the scene where Elena and Matt talk over cocoa (I assume). Elena says that she thinks Damon loves Bonnie, because that’s his logic, to be mean to the people he loves. I don’t know, that just seemed super rough to me.

Moving on, Matt gets Elena to go on a field trip with him to the stoner pit (Elena’s words). Matt shows Elena “Vicki” graffiti on the wall and a “V+J” too. He says that sometimes hope is all they have and that maybe it’s ok to believe Jeremy could come back, because hey, their town is weird.

On the island, Shane tells Bonnie that they can bring Jeremy back. He and Bonnie just have to kill 12 more people. Rough. I was wondering if Bonnie was going to turn full evil here, but she resists. She runs off and trips over Jeremy’s body. She tries to save him as he lies bleeding, but she can’t. He disappears.

Vampire Diaries Recap
Damon and Stefan talk on the phone. Damon says he can’t come back without Bonnie. Oh look, Bonnie emerges from the woods telling Damon she knows how to bring Jeremy back. YIKES!

Bonnie and Damon return to the Gilbert house. As Bonnie explains her plan to the gang, Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie has gone crazy. I feel like no one stopped to ask Bonnie if she was OK this episode and she’s definitely not and someone’s definitely going to wish they had asked her that in the coming weeks. In Bonnie’s plan, they get rid of the world where dead supernatural creatures are and all those creatures come into our world. Terrible. But also, if you were a fan of supernatural creatures, 36 people doesn’t seem like that many in favor of thousands of creatures. But, I am decidedly not a fan, so let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

No one is in with Bonnie’s plan, but we watch the camera creepily zoom in on Elena as the voices become more muffled. Realization time.

April calls. Elena tells her Jeremy can’t come to the phone. He’s dead. Then this episode got too intense to screencap (mostly).

Elena is very upset about Jeremy now, and Nina Dobrev does an amazing job in these scenes. She cries over his death. Then she says she has an idea for how they can cover the whole thing up. Burn the house down. Everyone thinks it’s too rash of a decision. However, Elena continues to scream and cry and throws lighter fluid all around. If Jeremy is burned inside the house, no one will ask any questions about Jeremy’s death. There’s no room left in the Gilbert plot. Everyone she loves has died. Elena breaks down on the floor and tells someone to please make it stop because it hurts so much.

Damon walks over to her and makes a decision. He tells her to turn it off. She has to do as he says, because of the sire bond. Stefan looks on, upset, this is not what he wanted. Elena’s face goes from devastated to neutral. She has lost her humanity.

In the next scenes, Caroline calls Tyler to tell him that Jeremy has died (still no answer on his end). Bonnie tells Matt everything is going to be OK (seriously, someone needs to keep an eye on her). She then sees Professor Shane. How’d he get back? She asks him if the sacrifices at the Young farm will come back from the dead. He says no, they were necessary in the plan. So, overall, I don’t know if Professor Shane has thought about the fact that his son wouldn’t come back from the dead, just his wife, if this plan worked. He tells Bonnie “We are the beginning.”

Oh wait, maybe it wasn’t Professor Shane this whole time at all. Rebekah, alone on the island, stumbles over Shane’s body. He grabs her and says “Silas.” So, I’m guessing he wasn’t Silas the whole time (his leg is hurt). But who knows.

Vampire Diaries Recap

I think Matt crying in his car, taking it all in, was a pretty devastating and terrific scene. Followed by a cathartic house burning. Elena, sans humanity, knows she doesn’t want to be in that house anymore. So she burns it down and walks away. I thought it made a lot of sense for Elena, without or without humanity, to realize that now that everything she loved was gone, it was time to burn it all down. It symbolized that she had literally lost everything. Eat some chocolate everyone, this episode was a downer. Next week’s promises to be fun, if a little dangerous.

I have to go call my brother and tell him I love him.

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  1. So it looks like my theory is turning out to be maybe 45% right… or 38%.
    But when is Cathrine going to come and knock some heads together?

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