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Figment live chat in stores nowLast night, we had an amazing time chatting with authors Rachel Hartman (Seraphina), Alexandra Monir (Timekeeper), and Elizabeth LaBan (The Tragedy Paper) — plus special guest Erin Clarke, executive editor at Random House imprint Knopf Books for Young Readers — for our live chat all about selling your first YA novel. We had 1,000 of you join us — and all together you left 2,000 questions and comments!

You can read the whole transcript at the bottom of this post. But as a teaser, here’s our first question of the evening — which should give all of you toiling away on your manuscript some hope …

Nina at Figment:
Okay, so let’s get some real numbers. How long, from start to finish, did it take you to go from “big idea” to “big debut” — the day you saw your book on the shelves? Let’s go in alphabetical order … Alexandra?

Alexandra Monir:
Alrighty! So I came up with the idea of TIMELESS in December of 2007, but it was something I was just noodling around with in my mind…

Then I finally mentioned it to my agent in spring of 2008, and she fell in love with the idea. She encouraged me to write a book proposal, which I had no idea how to do! But I got to it…

Here’s where I got extremely lucky! The first editor that my agent sent it to was at Random House, and she loved the idea too- and I got my book deal in October 2008!

Then the real work began…

I had to turn my proposal into a real, full-length book!

I did a TON of research on the historical time periods my protagonist visits in the book…

Including two different research and writing trips! Finally I had the book done in 2010, and it was published January 11, 2011!

While there was a two-year window between TIMELESS and its sequel, TIMEKEEPER (which just came out!) the writing process was much quicker

Nina at Figment:
So about three years. Pretty speedy, it seems! What about you, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth LaBan:
Strangely that is almost exactly my time frame, too. It took me about a year to write the book. Then it took two solid years from the time Erin bought the book to the time it appeared in stores…

I was surprised that it took so long to edit the book, but it is a much better book because of the time and energy Random House put into it.

Nina at Figment:
See, everyone who complains about getting edits: Edits are good! You should want them!

Nina at Figment:
And Rachel, what about you? You had a really fascinating journey, as I recall.

Rachel Hartman:
Nine and a half years. I began writing SERAPHINA when I was pregnant with my son in 2003. …

It took so long for a few reasons. One, I write slowly…

Two, I had some setbacks. I was with another publisher at first…

But the editor there quit. I was orphaned!

Nina at Figment:
It’s like a plot twist in a YA novel!

Rachel Hartman:
I found a home a RH, but had to do extensive edits…

Because my new ed. thought the old one had taken me the wrong direction…

It was a long haul, but worth doing I think.


Read the full transcript of our debut author panel!

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