“No One Knows About Us”: Flash-Fiction Contest Finalists

The Tragedy PaperA chance meeting strikes an unlikely romance between Tim Macbeth, new student and social outcast, and Vanessa Sheller, the beautiful and outgoing girlfriend of the most popular guy in school. Making their relationship public would be detrimental to Vanessa’s social life so the couple must keep their feelings for each other secret. Can their relationship last?

Inspired by The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan, we challenged you to a weeklong contest about secret relationships. You wrote some touching entries and we are now pleased to announce the finalists!

Check out the finalists below, and be sure to wish your fellow Figs luck in the rest of the judging process.


Stolen at the Altar by Petra Nova

Airbrushed by Alexes

Text Decoy by Kirby K

Too Late, Dearest by Canis Lupus

Once Broken, Now Mended by Jessica

Between the Pages by Lieder Madchen

Subaquatic Seconds by Alice

The Quiet in the Loud by T.Yen

Betrayal Smiled by Erika Louise Muehlenhaupt

Synthetic Love by Alice


One grand-prize winner will receive The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, and Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir, a $15 Amazon gift card, and the chance to choose the Figment homepage stories for one day.

Figment editors will also choose five daily winners. Daily winners will each receive a copy of The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan.

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