Vote Now: Our Favorite Survivors

Jessica BrodyWhen Seraphina emerges totally unharmed from the wreckage of a plane crash, everybody wants answers. The trouble is, she can’t remember anything about her life before the crash. In Unremembered by Jessica Brody, Seraphina tries to work out who she is, how her world works, and above all, why she survived.

Seraphina’s miraculous escape from certain death got us thinking about our favorite survivors. Against all odds, they make it through deadly obstacles to go on fabulous adventures. Which of these characters can survive anything the world throws at them? Vote for your favorite below, and let us know which ones we missed in the comments!

Everyone on Oceanic Flight 815


When Oceanic Flight 815 falls out of the sky, its passengers must survive on a tropical island. Sounds like your average wilderness survival story, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, they’ve crash-landed on the most confusing island in the history of islands. What with the smoke monster, polar bears, mysterious and hostile bearded men, not to mention time travel portals, it’s a miracle these guys made it past the first episode.


Hunger Games, Suzanne CollinsKatniss and Peeta

The Hunger Games

It’s pretty impressive for one competitor to live through the Hunger Games, since there’s about a 95% chance you’ll die. But Katniss and Peeta do the impossible: They BOTH survive. They’re both totally fearless and crazy good at staying alive (okay, especially Katniss). With a little teamwork, a few key skills, and a lot of romantic tension, they make it out together.


Gary PaulsenBrian


Brian thinks he’s just headed to his dad’s house for the summer, but when his plane crashes, he’s left to fend for himself in the Canadian wilderness. With only a hatchet, Brian manages to hunt, build shelter, light fires, and survive. It’s pretty impressive for anyone, but when you consider the fact that he’s only thirteen?


Scott O'DellKarana

Island of the Blue Dolphins

After their tribe leaves them behind, Karana and her brother are stuck on a remote island during the late 19th century. When her brother is killed by wild dogs, Karana’s left totally alone. But it’s fine—someone in her tribe has to come back for her, don’t they? Actually, she ends up trapped there for 18 years. The craziest part? It’s based on a true story!



Yann MartelPi

Life of Pi

When Pi is shipwrecked, he spends more than 200 days just floating on a boat in the middle of the ocean. His ability to survive is pretty impressive, and we don’t know about you, but we’d be pretty bored chilling on a boat for most of a year. At least he has a traveling companion! Oh, wait, it’s a tiger . . . well, hopefully it’s not too hungry.


Avatar: The Last AirbenderAang

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Not only does Aang survive being frozen into an iceberg, he survives for a hundred years. After all that time, he looks and acts just like a kid. It’s got to be a little depressing to wake up and realize you’re the last of your kind, but Aang manages to be awesome all the same. Even at a 112 years old, he still kicks Fire Nation butt.


Which of these fearless survivors is your favorite? Vote now! Which characters did we forget? Let us know in the comments!

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71 thoughts on “Vote Now: Our Favorite Survivors

    • Are you kidding?!?!? easy choice. i wish pi had died b4 he got to the creepy island thing so i wouldn’t have had to read that part. this was over a year ago and i still candt walk across my room in the dark

    • If they’d put Rick I would’ve had an even harder time choosing–they already had Aang AND Katniss! I chose Katniss, but I never liked Peeta…

  1. I’m stuck between Aang and then Katniss and Peeta.

    I mean, I love ALL of these survivors (that I’ve read about), but I am a HG and Last Airbender FREAK!

  2. I have to say, Karana comes first for me because, well, I knew her first. Plus, the others (except maybe Aang) don’t spend near as much time in a completely hostile environment taking care of themselves. I mean, come on, 18 years? It makes me happy that at least she’s in third right now. 😀

  3. Me: “Brian… or Aang… Brian… or Aang…

    Brian flew a plane on his own, but Aang has super powers…
    Brian made a shelter by himself, but Aang has super powers…
    Brian hunted his own food in the harsh wilderness, and he could’ve gotten killed numerous times, but he pulled through due to his brains… but Aang has SUPER POWERS….

    Aang wins!

  4. Avatar!! PS didnt love hatchet books and now dislike tHG cuz it became so mainstream yy must they ruin everything

  5. I like how you added both Katniss AND Peeta, since, let’s face it, Peeta is an awesome lover boy but he’d probably be a goner without Katniss.

  6. You forgot maximum Ride! Hello, taking care of iggy, gazzy, fang, angel, and for a while, dylan, and don’t forget Total and akila. She’s the BEST!!!!

  7. I voted for Brian, idk what ur guys’ prob is:( but it waz hard to choose between katniss and peeta, aang, and a few others. you shouldve added harry potter, percy jackson, and naruto with sauske an sakura:):):)<3 NARUTO!!!!

  8. I love Aang but my favorite character from The Last Airbender is Prince Zuko by far he has twice as much development than all the other characters put together and there’s the whole “I’m a bad guy! No,I’m a good guy jk I’m a bad guy I’m sure this time! I’m a good guy” thing.

  9. Does anyone else think that Bryn from the Raised by Wolves series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes should be on this list? I mean, come on, her whole psychic power is survival!

  10. LOST all the way. They survived the Smoke Monster, time travel, the Others, and everything the Island could grow at ten. Easy choice.

    • Ummm…. Not to be rude, but why Harry? Saying Harry should be on this list is like saying every fantasy hero should be on this list, because they all technically “survive”. By that logic wheres Frodo, Sam, Eragon, Peter, Susan, Edmond, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Erza, Goku, Vegeta, etc.? (Note: I am not saying they should all be on this list, I am exaggerating to make my point)

    • Ehh… does Harry count? Sure, he gets himself into life-or-death situations, but that’s only because he often decides to meddle in other people’s affairs. Is that “survival”, or just a severe case of Chronic Hero Syndrome?

  11. I was very close to choosing Aang, but I just HAD to pick the cast of LOST. Only because Peeta is more of a survivor than Katniss in my opinion, and Aang’s survival didn’t actually happen during screen time (though the whole situation with Zuko and Azula may be considered a form of “survival”).

  12. I picked Karana, but really, if it counts to have been frozen in an iceberg for years, why isn’t Captain America on this list?

  13. I chose Katniss and Peeta bt I would have chosen the cast of lost, Aang, and The life of Pi too…………… Why are these so hard !!

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