Perry’s Killer Playlist Contest Winners!

Perry's Killer Playlist by Joe SchreiberPerry’s Killer Playlist by Joe Schreiber is a fast-paced action-adventure novel that follows Perry (average American 18-year-old boy) and Gobi (not-so-average Lithuanian exchange student slash international assassin) on one outrageous European vacation. Joe opens each chapter with a new song, creating a perfect soundtrack to his novel.

We challenged you to create a 10-song playlist that matched ten scenarios we provided. You made some amazing soundtracks! Today, we’re pleased to announce the winning entries.

Check out the winning stories . . . and their corresponding Spotify playlists below!


Congrats to Kristy, Carly, and Jordan! You each will receive will each receive a $10 iTunes gift card and a copy of Perry’s Killer Playlist.


Well done, guys! And thanks to everyone who entered!

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