The Kiss Short-Story Contest — Finalists!

Wisty and Whit Allgood thought things were looking up when they defeated the ruthless dictator, The One Who is The One. But there is a new threat looming. Wisty is attracted to Heath—who is mysterious, handsome, and a former enemy. Whit doesn’t trust him. Will a boy come between the siblings?

Inspired by The Kiss, the latest book in the #1 bestselling Witch & Wizard series by James Patterson, we asked you to write a story about a relationship that no one approves of. You wrote and voted, and we are now pleased to announce the 202 entries (we had a three-way tie for 200th place!) that will be judged by the James Patterson’s publisher, Little, Brown.

One grand-prize winner will receive a 16GB iPad mini, loaded with a full collection of James Patterson’s teen books (four Witch & Wizard books, eight Maximum Ride books, and the first in his new series, Confessions of a Murder Suspect), as well as $500 cash. Plus, the winning story will be featured on James Patterson’s young-adult website and the winner will get a personal Facebook shout-out from James himself!

Check out the 202 most-hearted entries below and be sure to wish your fellow figs good luck in the judging process!


Immortal Love by Madeline Runberg
Someday by Garima Gupta
My Escape To Love by Lily Thomas
Fading by Vanessa Ford
Blind Love by Sherry Luo
The Bypasser by Gina M. Gruss
Mr. Stone’s Girl by Brooklyn Hunter
Waiting Alone by Brianna Montanari
Dangerous by Cait Cher
Forever and Always by Angelia Kholl  (VLF Ahrendt)
Gwen by Beatriz Romero
Blood Feud by Cindy Ngo
Love Me Tender by Mya Wood
Ich Liebe Dich by Rebekah Louise
Caught In Loves Trap by nikki woolums
Criminal by Hannah Clove
Blink by Leah Moss
Scarlett Red by maryn wosu
The Clockwork Heart by L. R. Bauer
Nevertheless, Fae by Lauren Wiseman
Like the Sun and the Moon… by Alexandra Perchanidou
Human by Nyani J.
Colorblind by Jenny R.
She isn’t Me by Angelina Montanari
His Last Smile by Si Jia
Nobody Needs to Know by Misty Snow
Where to go? by Angelica M. Figueroa
In Time by Marie Horton
Life Goes On by Marissa Childers
Love Denied by Kelly Woodard
Knowing by sydthekid
The Tranquility to Demise by Jordan Harvey
Ambiance by Madeleine G.
Sociology by Erin Burr
From Gray to Blue by A.C. Rooks
Memories by Emily Kathleen Stamm
Lost Moment by L.D. Taylor
The Whispering Wind of Fire by Haley Kurtz
Star-Crossed by Lori Salad X
Because I’d Rather be Dead  by Emma Katherine
A Sense of Duty by Raine
Strangeness & Charm by Rawnie
The Mirror by Mimi Adams
Ever Since Then by Briana Winkworth
Inanimate Love by Juliet Hurwitz
Mirror Mirror by Emily Swiers
For Alice by Raquel Wetzell
Undeniable by Lily Chen
Betrayer by Kassie Bohannon
Secret Scars  by Linn Kirchhoff
Diseased by Jessica has ink stained hands.
On This Starry Night by Classy-Queen
Miracle by Alison Graham
Between Paper and Her by Like a Ninja
Embrace by Drew
The Composer by Emma Kye Echols
Polygamy by Jasmine Shabazz
Gonna Make It by Aaya Woods
Only You by Ryanne Kap
They Know Nothing by Sam Schalk
forever by Mina
From a Distance by M.Ridgway
Black and Blue War by Tialyn Eakman
Hollow by Jessica Guthier
Count No Man Happy by Alison D
Verge of Freedom by L. R. Espinosa
You Just Know by Ally
Until Death Do Us Part by Angie Kidd
All Ears by Brandon Hall
Heaven Forbade by Kiezer Henderson
Heart Mugger by Lindsay G.
Forbidden Fire by A.J. Cypher
The Honeysuckle Bush by Cayson Miles
The Hell in Happiness by musicobsessed
Breathe by Alex Epicness
Apotheosis by Ignis
The Princess and the Fox Demon by E.R. Warren
Angelic by Katie B.
Pork Pie by Lemar Fraser
Catch My Breath by Naomi Canale
Fatal Desire by Jenny Marie
1-001 by Zakura Wolfe
Chaos by Mojodaisy47
Forbidden Forever by Ricochet
Poison by Samantha
Poetry by KE Crowe
Elope by Whitney Hall
Lost Pieces by Paige
Loving Shards by Daniel Jimenez
Those Who Matter… by Snow Wolf
The Struggle by Breezy Zins
The Raven Girl by Roisin Fremont
She Was a Freak by Rorianne Frost
Jake the Magician by E.C Sterling
Allure by Ash S.H.
Unbreakable by Soja Moore
NATA by Huang Zi
The Plum Rains by Lin
The Pillow Bride by H.M.M.
A Hope for the Nations by Sarah Johnson
Derelict by J Helmes
The Other Earth by Spandana Myneni
The Tortoise and The Hare by Riley James 
Hope by Julia Hou
Entice by Jackie Brandonisio
Undestined by Rachael Thompson
No One Wants To See Us Together by sasha shamblen
Girl Who Belonged in a Mental Hospital by Adria Orenstein
Meeting the Parents by Kɪʀα thє Rαυєη
We’ll find a place. by Rachel W.
Echo and Rad by Joanna Frost
Pariah by Carolyn Rose
A Bluebird Sings by Gabriell Struble
Always by Sonia Morales
Love Filled Scream by Analisa Wintres
WOLFGANG  by J. L. Sterling
What happened? by Silvire Rainay
The Girl With the Untied Shoe by Valkerie Thomas
Two Broken People by M.J.Silver
Peasant by Amana Abdu
Crazy for You by Alexis Rappaport
Puppy Love by Annie Qiu
Dark Desires by S. Morales
Fire and Rain by Alexes
Don’t Look Back by Janelle George
Egregious by Elida Anastasia Reyes
There Are Places by Caroline Roberts Yu
Burdened by Annette Mondragon
Forbidden Sin by Fiona Skye
Right For You by DJV
Beastly Love by Christine R. Funalde
The Lowly Fool by Valkyrie90
Highwayman by Hillary Holloway
The fight by Ashley McDonald
Elvish Desire by Sammy Landau
An Icy Flame by Tori Lutz
Little secret by Yasmine Shahar
Undefinable by Suki
Mine by writersblock101
Fire Wall by Salah El-Din El Batroukh
Forbidden Reality by Blondie Lovegood
The Vase by Kaitlin K.
Gypsy by Kate
Empty Bottle, Empty Heart by Unaccounted Beauty
Chains Can’t Break Love by Atalya Travis
The Hidden Wars by Danon Fletcher
The Story of Us by Jean Wynter
Borage by Briana Colfer
Forbidden Love by Cierra Wilder
This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen by Erin Gatdula
Treason to Love by Ciera M
Elevated Desire by Nani
The Parallel War by Ala
Everlasting Splendours by Liz Wallace
Echo by ~Grace~
Undead Romance by ScarletDawn
The Soldier by Zeva Tayler
The Victor by Natasha V.
Dead Flowers by lilstrawberry
First Impressions Laugh The Loudest by Sydney Stapleton
White by reghan lane
War by Becky Gasper
Secret Love by Emily Syme
Riddling Hearts by Emma
Couir by Alex M. Stache
Made Whole by Amy G.
A Modern Day Rapunzel by Marissa LaPorte
White by Sycamore Bramble
The Promise Keeper and the Secret Seller by Aim
Red by Danielle Palumbo
His Grey Lola by Xav
The Fine Art of Loving a Quilt by Alex Grace
Movie Love by Joana
The Panther by Nikita
Dissonance by Brooklyn Schroeder
Until Forever by Scarlet Lae
Moonlit Skies by horsecrazy
Hurricane by Tessa Graves
Bottled by Amanda Grice
Leave of Absence by M.C.
The Eyes and Their Colors by The Oceanic MeerKat
Undertone by Sylvia Pirvus
Waiting by RebaShimer
The Chalk Boy by Isabel Filippone
Catching Cat by Jessyca Thibault
Entangled by A. Glenn
They’re Half Right by Maile Burnett
Only Love will Remain by Brooke Norris
Not Just a Fantasy by Amaryliss White
Tangled in Ivy by D~phne M,.
Light in Darkness by Danielle Coleman
The Devil’s Hat Trick by Wendy Burt-Thomas
Telling the World by Bobbie
Two Way Mirror by Lauren Reeves
The Universal Emotion by Justin DiPilla
Sarah’s Asperity by Amber Ivers
Breakaway  by Lucy♥ Myst
White Walls by Anna Jean
Immortal by Cricket
Loving A Wanted. by Sally Cray
Cutting the Ties by Daniela Bourlotos
Lostby M.L.E. Mae

23 thoughts on “The Kiss Short-Story Contest — Finalists!

  1. AAAAAHHH!!! SO EXCITED! #12 and the anticipation is killing me! Just saw this while I was looking through figment. cannot wait for the results!

    • Same here! I just hope that whoever is the winner truly deserves it. I’ve seen some past contest entries that didn’t deserve to win…

      However! Many of the entries that I’ve read for this contest are absolutely amazing!!! Good luck to everyone!

      I don’t even know what number I am, but I’m probably near #95-105 😛

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