Doctor Who Villain Showdown

We’re getting so close to the premiere of the new episodes of Doctor Who, we can almost taste it! We can’t wait to jump back into the TARDIS with the Doctor and to celebrate, we’re holding a showdown of our favorite Doctor Who villains. The Doctor’s fought off some crazy bad guys in his time, from the cunning to the evil to the just plain terrifying. These guys might scare us half to death, but hey, that’s what makes an awesome enemy, right?

Which of these baddies takes the top spot? Vote now in the first round!

Sneaky Aliens

The Silence vs. The Siluriuans

Silence, Silurians, Doctor Who

These two alien species are masters of deception and disguise. The Silence are frankly terrifying—as soon as you see them, you forget them (we’ll never look at tally marks the same way again). The Silurians might not be able to erase themselves from the Doctor’s memory, but you never know whose side they’re on. There are some awesome Silurians out there, but the ones who want to reclaim the earth by destroying humans? You’re gonna want to stay away from them.


The Master vs. The Beast

Master, Beast, Doctor Who

We see a lot of evil alien races in Doctor Who, but sometimes, the Doctor gets involved in a one-on-one face-off. The Master is basically the Doctor’s archenemy. A fellow Time Lord and the Doctor’s former best friend, he’ll stop at nothing to destroy our favorite time traveler. Plus, he’s a MASTER of disguise (see what we did there?). How can the Beast compete with that? Well, he’s gross-looking, dangerous, and oh yeah, he’s literally Satan.

Classic Enemies

Daleks vs. Cybermen

Dalek, Cybermen, Doctor Who

The Doctor’s been around for a long time, and he’s been fighting off these guys from the beginning. The Daleks don’t look that scary (actually, they kind of look like diseased salt shakers), but they’re the embodiment of hatred, which is kind of horrifying. Similarly, the Cybermen mostly look like run-of-the-mill robots, but they want to “upgrade” all humans into Cybermen. Doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade to us.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Weeping Angels vs. Vashta Nerada

Weeping Angels, Vashta Nerada, Doctor Who

These guys actually have a lot in common. The angels move when you’re not looking; the Vashta Nerada travel in darkness and shadows. They’re also way more dangerous in a group than on their own. So basically, this one comes down to which species scares you the most: Evil statues that kill you when you blink, or flying piranhas that can eat all your flesh in seconds. Take your pick!

Which of these villains is most likely to make you cover your eyes during an episode of Doctor Who? You have until Monday, March 25 at 1:59 p.m. ET to vote in round one, and be sure to come back to support your favorites in round two!

Can’t see the bracket? Click here.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Villain Showdown

  1. I’m going for the Silence, Master, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels. :^P I predict the Daleks and the Weeping Angels will battle it out in the final round…

  2. I’m not sure who to vote for when it comes to Daleks and Weeping Angels… next bracket will be difficult. Master definitely is getting to the final round though I think. In the first round the only one that was difficult for me really was Vasta Nerada vs Weeping Angels (I chose the angels).

  3. Holy Fudge!!!!! I’m counting down the days until sonic screwdrivers and bow ties are back in town. I’m watching statues like they can really move and keeping an ear out for ‘exterminate’. I will be settling for doctor who as any other whovian out there. Can’t wait!!!!! Ekkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey, they said “which one makes you want to cover your eyes,” which ain’t fair, because weeping angels are freaking terrifying but in no way make you want to cover your eyes.

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