Round Two: Doctor Who Villain Showdown

Doctor Who Villain Showdown

You helped the Doctor defeat half of his famous enemies, but the other half are back for Round Two, and they’ve never been hungrier for victory. We’re getting close to ultimate domination, so vote for the baddest bad guy now!


One Hit Wonders

The Silence vs The Master

 The Silence vs. The Master

OK, to be fair, both of these “one-time only” villains were majorly essential in series arc development and hugely important and blahblahblah. But we’re never going to see them again (we hope). The Master is dead (**all the feels**) and The Silence were defeated. We think. But there’s no way to know that for sure, so, whatever.

Repeat Acts

Daleks vs Weeping Angels

 Daleks vs. Weeping Angels

These are the bad guys that just keep coming back for more. It seems the Daleks are constantly coming up with new ways to EXTERMINATE! And the Weeping Angels show up to take the people we love away from us. Jerks.

Which of these villains is most likely to make you scream? You have until Wednesday, March 27 at 1:59 p.m. ET to vote in Round Two, and be sure to come back for the ultimate battle in the final round! Did you miss Round One? Check out all the fun here.

Can’t see the bracket? Click here.

8 thoughts on “Round Two: Doctor Who Villain Showdown

  1. Aaahhh! Daleks or the Angels? I can’t decide! On one hand, the Daleks kill you before you can say “Run for your life!” and they just keep coming back. On the other hand, the Weeping Angels literally kill you in the blink of an eye by sending you back in time far enough that by the time you reach the point they touched you, you’re dead. You can keep them at bay by staring at them, but look at them too long, and you start to turn into one…

  2. Question: How does the Silence beat the Master? The Master was brilliant! Does anyone care how awesome he was in the 1996 movie? Or am I one of the few people who watched and cared for that movie?

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