Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest Finalists

Seventeen Magazine April2013 CoverYou made it! After five months of writing and voting, we’re pleased to announce the finalists of the Seventeen Magazine Fiction contest! The editors at Seventeen magazine and author Maggie Stiefvater will choose one of these talented writers to receive amazing prizes, including:

  • $5,000 in cash
  • Publication on
  • A phone call with Maggie Stiefvater, bestselling author of The Raven Boys, The Scorpio Races, and the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.

So, without further ado, the finalists are . . .

Complicated by Threa Almontaser

I’m Beautiful by Si Jia

Magic by writersblock101

Bright and Beautiful by Maimoona

Hope Forgotten by Rachel Maller

It’s not Okay by Mackenzie Kelley

Never Break Me by Amaryliss White

Mom by Emma Kye Echols

FROZEN by Miss Jess

Where the Blackbirds Fly by Heidi Lai

Congratulations to the finalists, and that you to everyone who participated!

14 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest Finalists

  1. I’m curious – what happened to 57 Blocks, by Soraya? It’s the most hearted entry according to the way Figment lists it, but it’s not one of the finalists.

  2. Why isn’t the story “57 Blocks” in there and why is “Mom” by emma kye echols? That doesn’t really add up…

    • Hey! These are the stories that made the cut per the guidelines set out in the official rules. if you have any questions, let me know: emily[at]


  3. Hello,

    I hate to say it, but the contest wasn’t exactly a fair one. I read some really wonderful stories which should have been part of the top ten, but didn’t make it. As for those who did indeed make it to the top ten, they made it only because they relentlessly asked people to heart their stories day and night. Honestly, (I’m actually writing under my middle name) my story had over hundreds of votes. I was close to the top ten. Up there, it was like some type of online “Hunger Games.” It was horrible. People spent hours a day begging other writers to read and heart their stories just so that they could make it to the top. The contest wasn’t a fair one, and I honestly hope that some rules can be changed so that others (and not those of us who aren’t so aggressive) have a better chance of winning. If anything, maybe making it so that their are 15 top people instead of 10? I don’t know. I just think things should be fairer for everyone who works so hard with their stories. Thank you for reading this,

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